Past Months

March 2023 caption photo
February 2023 caption photo

I can promise you that all revenue generated by the students using this building will stay on the IUPUI campus. - Monica Thompson-Deal

January 2023 caption photo

Congratulations on finishing at the top of your class, cadet. Your Toblerone, as promised. - Kagan Mellencamp

December 2022 caption photo I am not allowed to talk to strangers, and you are very strange. - Jerene Rodriquez
November 2022 caption photo

You toad-ally nailed it! Just don't "Rip it!" - Jill Lyon

October 2022 caption photo

Oh no, that won’t work for our mascot! Let’s just keep The Metros. - John Schild

September 2022 caption photo

Wait! Is that a hanging chad I see??? - Jane Alexander

August 2022 caption photo

OK, I know what this looks like, but this is NOT for me! It's for the Dean! - Joseph Dynlacht

July 2022 caption photo

Don’t worry, extreme pants-hiking is a common condition in men of your age. - Richard Schulte

June 2022 caption photo

"Second Cousin of Flubber" lacked a certain Fred MacMurray-ness. - Richard Schulte

May 2022 caption photo

Students resentfully await their turn to wear the Thinking Cap to take the quiz... - Dorothy Field

April 2022 caption photo

That awkward feeling when you accidentally sever the carrot-id artery. -Margaret Miley