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December 17, 1970. On this day, The Component, the student newspaper of IUPUI's 38th Street campus, reported that appointments of the twelve-member board of directors of the Indianapolis Center for Advanced Research (ICFAR) had been completed. ICFAR (pronounced "I see far") was a collaborative scientific research effort between city industry,... Read More
December 16, 1968. On this day, Purdue University president Frederick L. Hovde issued a "Statement" to the press in response to Indianapolis mayor Richard G. Lugar's speech of December 14, broadcast to the citizens of Indianapolis (see our blog post for December 14). In the mayor's speech, he noted that legislators leagued with city leaders were poised... Read More
December 15, 1985. On this day, the Indiana Commission on Higher Education approved $50,000 for planning to build two new buildings on the downtown IUPUI campus to house School of Science and School of Engineering and Technology programs still located on 38th Street. Phase One of IUPUI's long-term effort to consolidate the Purdue programs on the... Read More
December 14, 1968. On this day, Indianapolis mayor Richard G. Lugar gave a speech broadcast over television station WFBM (now WRTV) to the citizens of the city. Titled "A Great University for Greater Indianapolis," Lugar's speech addressed the need for a major public research university in the city to meet the needs of industry and the larger community... Read More
December 13, 1970. On this day, four student-government organizations of the constituent parts of the recently formed IUPUI met jointly to decide how student government should look in the future. The December 17 edition of The Component, the student newspaper of the 38th Street campus, reported that those in attendance appointed a committee made up of... Read More
For many years IUPUI held madrigal dinners on campus in December, typically in the old Union Building. The dinners were very popular and well attended. Students donned costumes to sing and dance for the diners. This week's IUPUI photo documents a madrigal dinner from 1981. Hmm. How would you like people in strange hats standing over you while you dined?... Read More
December 12, 1977. On this day, "The Sounds of Christmas," a holiday dinner and concert, took place in the Union Building cafeteria. Several IUPUI singing groups and other ensembles took part in the event. Included were the New York Street Singers, the IUPUI Chamber Singers, the IUPUI Listener's Theater, all accompanied by the Indianapolis Philharmonic... Read More
December 11, 1996. On this day, The Indiana Urban Schools Association relocated to the IUPUI campus. Its aim was to partner more closely with the Indiana University School of Education at IUPUI, which focuses much of its attention to addressing the educational needs of children enrolled in urban schools.The IUSA had had a strong working relationship... Read More
December 10, 2014.On this day, Time magazine recognized Indiana University School of Medicine graduate Dr. Kent Brantly as one of five persons who collectively were its "Person of the Year." They had won distinction for treating the sick and dying in the Ebola virus outbreak in western African that killed thousands and terrified the world. The announcement... Read More
December 9, 2014. On this day, the Indiana University Board of Trustees approved the design of a new residence hall at IUPUI. This newest residence facility had rooms to house seven hundred IUPUI students, as well as meeting rooms for student activities, a computer lab, game room, and more. In an announcement, campus administrators noted that the new... Read More

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