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Jere Odell
Scholarly Communication
At IUPUI we work for Open Access every week of the year. So, when OA Week rolls around, it’s a good time to reflect on why we’re doing this and on the fruits of our labor.Why We Work for OpenThe theme for this year’s Open Access Week is “Open for Whom? Equity in Open Knowledge.” The “open for whom?” question is a call for those of us who provide...
Kristi Palmer
Library Administration
IUPUI University Library joined a long list of endorsers backing the shared interests and values of the MIT Framework for Publisher Contracts.  Those core principles include: No author will be required to waive any institutional or funder open access policy to publish in any of the publisher’s journals.No author will be...
Tina Baich
Winner of IUPUI University Library's inaugural Open Education Awards, Dr. Robin Janson, recently received international recognition from the Coko Foundation for her groundbreaking work in Open Educational Resources (OER). Janson's freely licensed 3D bone models were awarded an Open Publishing Award in the category of Open Content alongside...
Tina Baich
IUPUI University Library has long been committed to advancing Open, and has engaged in a variety of projects and services in support of that commitment. Recently, our Scholarly Communication Librarian suggested we develop an advisory group that would assess current and future investments in Open modeled after the University of California’s STAR...

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