January 2024


School of Medicine students ca. 1960

Black and white photograph. Four men (the leftmost is black, while the others are white) sit around a rectangular table looking at each other. The three men on the left hand side of the photo are wearing labcoats, the rightmost is wearing a suit and tie. The man in the middle left is leaning forward as if saying something important. The man to the right of him looks taken aback, but has the hint of a smile on his face. The man in the suit is smiling. On the table sits an open, typed document and an ashtray. Behind the men are large windows looking outside. It appears that they are on the second or third floor. A pair of lecterns are also behind them. At the bottom, in the margins of the photo, 20 7/8 is written in red pencil.
Winning Entry!

So, then I said, "You call that a barber shop quartet?" - Mike Delporte


This meeting of the Ancient Order of Egberts will come to order. Egbert, will you call the roll?

Submitted by setowne on Tue, 01/02/2024 - 12:31

They may look like they're discussing the future of healthcare, but trust me, they're just figuring out who's ordering pizza.

Submitted by ppokhare on Tue, 01/02/2024 - 15:19

Could you guys squeeze in a little closer? That last spittle missed me by a good three inches.

Submitted by joppold on Wed, 01/03/2024 - 09:11

Med students, Jones and Smith, listen eagerly to details of smoking study before signing stack of informed consent documents.

Submitted by majvande on Wed, 01/03/2024 - 10:04

“Maybe let’s not?” brought an end to the only gathering of IUSM’s Second Opinion Club.

Submitted by mjhinsma on Wed, 01/03/2024 - 13:42

Gentlemen, let me demonstrate the Cadillac of pocket protectors, the latest in our Clearpla line!

Submitted by setowne on Thu, 01/04/2024 - 13:40

Though nearly twenty-one, "Bow Tie Eddie" never ceased to celebrate with his friends what his mathematically minded mother called his special one-eights natal days.

Submitted by andjsmit on Thu, 01/04/2024 - 17:02

We gotta get Barbie back in the box!

Submitted by moniceja on Tue, 01/09/2024 - 14:57

So, then I said, "You call that a barber shop quartet?"

Submitted by cdelport on Tue, 01/09/2024 - 15:00

"What do you mean I can't join the necktie club? You let Stu in with a bowtie."

Submitted by kew5 on Tue, 01/09/2024 - 15:01

Ooooh, this is awkward. I thought the memo said "bowties" not "more ties."

Submitted by katcwilk on Tue, 01/09/2024 - 15:06

Why yes, my back up plan is to run an ice cream shop, why do you ask?

Submitted by rarhoads on Tue, 01/09/2024 - 15:09

After ejecting their colleague from the meeting for being too much of a maverick, four dentists vote to recommend Trident to their patients who chew gum.

Submitted by sefinke on Tue, 01/09/2024 - 15:11

Whoa, wait a minute! You found what....where?!

Submitted by mechaill on Tue, 01/09/2024 - 15:37

And that's why we need to make genetically engineered gorillas on steroids,
Hubert, what are you talking about?
No no, he's got a point.

Submitted by hamilmer on Wed, 01/10/2024 - 12:40

Gentlemen, this is evidence we need to prove that coconuts migrate. We can finally disprove that silly theory that they are carried by swallows!

Submitted by dacdalto on Thu, 01/11/2024 - 08:37

I know, but my kids bought me this bow tie so I have to wear it.

Submitted by kbraunsc on Thu, 01/11/2024 - 10:52

They got an F on the group project

Submitted by mloosle on Thu, 01/11/2024 - 15:47

Anyone want to go back in and reexamine what we found in that guy's stomach this morning?

Submitted by marmcclu on Thu, 01/11/2024 - 16:23

As the only group member with glasses, I can assure you the patient's diagnosis said, "Panting Mutt Syndrome." Not "Ranting Butt Syndrome!"

Submitted by nblackso on Thu, 01/11/2024 - 20:24

I think I plucked the wrong tooth out. Should I ask him ?

Submitted by prp2 on Thu, 01/11/2024 - 20:27

No need to whisper, we're all about to light up our cigarettes.

Submitted by rrlawren on Fri, 01/12/2024 - 12:21

Can you imagine there will be rules against sitting this close to each other in the future?

Submitted by cmt19 on Sat, 01/13/2024 - 12:09

The inaugural Dean's Committee for DEI Policy has some difficulty grasping the concept.

Submitted by dofield on Fri, 01/19/2024 - 14:27