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The Center for Digital Scholarship assists IUPUI faculty, staff, students, and affiliated groups in providing worldwide digital access to their scholarly output with Open Journal System (OJS). A robust journal management and publishing system, OJS assists with every stage of the refereed publishing process. It facilitates efforts to improve both the scholarly and public quality of refereed research by increasing works' accessibility and lessening the time between research/writing and final publication. OJS is viable both for print journals looking for an online option/conversion or aspiring digital journals.

Functionality Highlights:

  • OJS is installed locally and locally controlled
  • Editors configure requirements, sections, review process, etc.
  • Online submission and management of all content
  • Subscription module with delayed open access options
  • Comprehensive indexing of content part of global system
  • Reading Tools for content, based on field and editors' choice
  • Email notification and commenting ability for readers
  • Complete context-sensitive online Help support
  • Customizable look allowing for branding of your journal

About OJS Publishing System

Open Journal Systems is open source journal management and publishing software developed, supported, and freely distributed by the Public Knowledge Project under the GNU General Public License.

OJS Editorial and Publishing Process

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