Gary R. Maixner III

User Experience and Project Management Librarian 
Team: User Experience
Office: 1115D
Phone: (317) 274-8336

Gary Maixner is the User Experience and Project Management Librarian at IUPUI. He received his BA in English from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2010 and his MLIS from the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana in 2013. He joined the IUPUI University Library in 2018.

He's the guy to complain about the website to! Use this website feedback form to let him know what you think and what needs updated!

His work at IUPUI includes managing the library’s website, redesigning our digital tools to match the demands of our patrons, and managing library projects to completion. He is known to stand by the door with candy bars to entice students to participate in usability tests for the library.

His research interests include game-based learning, the patron experience in the library, and library project management. He has been a game designer and artist for several educational board games.

In his free time he plays guitar, miniatures games, and draws comic books.