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Jere Odell
Scholarly Communications
Have you ever posted a published journal article to a lab website, ResearchGate, or If so, there's a chance that you'll be receiving a copyright takedown notice in the future. Most subscription journals require authors to sign exclusive rights over to the publisher; so, even if you're the author and the publisher didn't pay you to...
Jere Odell
Scholarly Communications
Green open access (OA) is the practice of providing free access to a scholarly work on a website with no paywalls. Ideally, the authors of these green OA works observe the terms of copyright policies while also depositing items in a library-supported institutional repository or a not-for-profit subject repository. When authors do this, it's called...
Kristi Palmer
Digital Scholarship
Here the Center writes renku, person by person don't over think it Partner by Partner Collections are created Open to the world Scholarship online build collections...connections iupui Access to culture Sharing of experience Creates connection Metadata good Easy access to items digitize your stuff! Connecting people to new discovery...

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