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Western Medicine in China, 1800-1950
Collections at Harvard University Libraries

David Luesink, Kristen G. Albert, Jennifer Smedley

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Harvard libraries and archives contain a very large collection of material related to the history of Western medicine in China. The largest single group of documents are those identified with the ABCFM, or the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, primarily held now at the Houghton Library. This collection has over 1261 linear feet covering all of the activities of the ABCFM around the world, the China related files are significant within this, but still only a fraction. Many ABCFM items were originally held at the Andover-Harvard Theological Library, and some remain there, like the still substantial ABCFM Pamphlet Collection. Some of the ABCFM books were taken by the Widener Library under a special call number of MISS and remain there, but some of these items continue to migrate to Houghton, and there has been a significant transfer since 2000. Individual hospitals and medical schools may be searched by keyword within this subject guide.

Harvard-Yenching Library (the Asian language library) has significant holdings on Western Medicine in China, most specifically the archives of Lingnan University Medical School. A second rare collection is the digitized full-text Chinese language journals found in the 大成老旧刊全文数据库 which is available only on the computers in the Harvard-Yenching library itself. This has the full text of 125 Chinese language medical journals published between 1900 and 1949 (including Chinese medicine) and includes the most influential medical journals published in English. As of 2011, very few libraries in China or out have purchased a subscription to this catalogue.

1. Andover-Harvard Theological Library

Minutes, Records, and Reports of Hospitals, Medical Schools, and Organizations

Cheeloo University, School of Medicine, report, 1915-38.

Cheeloo University School of Medicine, statement of policy, 1949. [ABCFM Pamphlet Collection, 1830-1954]

China Medical Board, financial report, 1950-51. [ABCFM Pamphlet Collection, 1830-1954]

China Medical Board of New York, annual report, 1963-66.

Conference on medical and health work in China, conference report, 1945. [ABCFM Pamphlet Collection, 1830-1954]

Conference report: “The Effects of the Sino-Japanese Conflict on American Educational and Philanthropic Enterprises in China: II-Higher Education; III-Secondary Education; IV- Medicine and Public Health,” by Earl Cressy, 1939. [ABCFM Pamphlet Collection, 1830-1954]

Fenchow Hospital, annual report, 1925-30

Foochow Hospital for Women and Children. Report of Hospital for Women and Children 1901- 1904. And a brief summary of work for women during 20 years. Foochow [1904?] Theol Pamph. BV 3415 .Z91 Foochow Medical Missionary Hospital, report , 1872-83, 1886-88, 1890, 1894, 1896, 1898-1904, 1908, 1911-13, 1918-21, 1925.

Foochow Mission, Pagoda Hospital and Diong-loh Hospital, annual reports, 1917-40. Lintsing Memorial Hospital, annual report, 1910-40. Lu Ho Hospital, annual report, 1934-48.

Medical Missionary Society in China. Report of the Medical Missionary Society in China. Hongkong : printed by De Souza. (1876-1878) Mflm. Period. 7673

Pagoda Hospital and Diong-Ioh Hospital, annual reports, 1917-40. Peking Union Medical College, yearbook, 1927.

Ponasang Missionary Hospital, annual report, 1902.

Rockefeller Foundation. China Medical Board. Annual report / The Rockefeller Foundation, China Medical Board. New York, N.Y. : Offices of the Board, 1916-Microfilm. 1st-12th (1914/15-1926) ATLA serials preservation program ; ATLA film 2003- S059.(Also available at Countway and Widener) [ABCFM Pamphlet Collection]

Shansi Plague Prevention Bureau, report, 1918. [ABCFM Pamphlet Collection, 1830-1954]

Shantung Christian University (Jinan, Shandong Sheng, China). University Hospital. Report for year ending ...Tsinan : Printed at the University Press. (1929-1931)

Shaowu medical missionary work, annual report, 1878; work for women and children, report, 1900. [ABCFM Pamphlet Collection, 1830-1954]

Taihu Hospital, report, 1896-1940.

Williams Porter Hospital, Shantung, annual report, 1890-1939.

Willis F. Pierce Memorial Hospital: annual report, 1913, 1931-33, 1942-43; bylaws, 1931, 1932; constitutions, n.d.; chronology, 1847-1936; proposed plan of federation, n.d.; designation of funds, n.d.; minutes, 1932, 1950, 1958, 1966; building committee report, 1933; deed, 1934; Prudential Committee, minutes, 1934; reports, 1943, 1948; out-patient department report, 1944; clinical report, 1943; School of Nursing, report, 1942-43; director’s report, 1943-44, 1946-50; treasurer’s report, 1943; medical report, 1942; hospital report, 1946; report to the board of trustees, 1950. [ABCFM Pamphlet Collection, 1830-1954]

Willis F. Pierce Memorial Hospital, report, 1933-38, 1941-42, 1947.


Correspondence relating to the Willard Pierce Hospital; Harold Brewster, 1948, with a report on a proposed Wiley Hospital in Kutien, 1924; extract of letter from Bruce Jarvis, Foochow, 1933; Henry Lacy in Foochow, 1938; W.H. Topping to Mark Ward, ca. 1944; Laura Ward in Newton Highlands to Ferdinand Blanchard, 1937; Mark Ward to J. Gurney Barclay, 1943; Mark Ward to Trustee, 1945. [ABCFM Pamphlet Collection, 1830-1954]

Harold N. Brewster, Foochow, to “Friends” regarding medical work, 1949. [ABCFM Pamphlet Collection, 1830-1954]

Manuscripts and Pamphlets

Mostly updated pamphlets, including the following subjects: Cheeloo School of Medicine, medical work. [ABCFM Pamphlet Collection, 1830-1954]

Typescripts, mimeographs, and manuscripts, 1878-1952, on such subjects as the Cheeloo College of Medicine, Foochow Christian Union Hospital, North China Hospital. [ABCFM Pamphlet Collection, 1830-1954]

1 file each of mimeographs and pamphlets related to the Canton Hospital, Elizabeth Memorial Hospital (Lintsing), Harwood Memorial and Kate Ford Whitman Hospital (Fenyang), Health Center (Tientsin), Institute of Hospital Technology, Woodhull Hospital for Women, Lu Ho Hospital (Tunghsien), North China Union Medical College for Women (Peking), Oberlin-Shansi Memorial School (Taiku), Orlinda Childs Pierce Memorial School, Pagoda Anchorage Hospital (Diongloh), Pang-chuang Hospital, Peking Union Medical College, Shaowu Christian Hospital, Stanley Memorial School (Tientsin), Taiku Hospital, Union Medical College (Foochow), Whitney Hospital (Ingtai), Williams-Porter Hospital (Tehsien). [American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions Pamphlet Collection, 1830-1954, 22 boxes] 57 pamphlets, 1853-1983, on subjects such as the Foochow Mission, Medical Missionary Society. [ABCFM Pamphlet Collection, 1830-1954]


Clippings from China Medical Journal, 1927. [ABCFM Pamphlet Collection, 1830-1954]

Clipping on Willis F. Pierce Hospital [ABCFM Pamphlet Collection, 1830-1954]


Cheeloo College of Medicine Bulletin, 1948. [ABCFM Pamphlet Collection, 1830-1954]

Chinese Medical Association, Council on Christian Medical Work, Bulletin, 1947-49.

Chinese Medical Association, Occasional Leaflet, 1935-36, 1938. [ABCFM Pamphlet Collection, 1830-1954]

Chinese Language Materials

Fenchow Hospital, annual report, 1935.

2. Francis A. Countway Library of Medicine.

Minutes, Records, and Reports of Hospitals, Medical Schools, and Organizations

Canton Hospital (Guangzhou, China) Report. 1918, (1930/1931), 101st(1935/1936), 105th(1939/1940)

Changteh, China. Presbyterian Hospital. Annual Report. Changteh : Presbyterian Mission Press. (1921/1922, 1925) 39-C

China Medical Board, annual reports, 1914-17, 1922, 1950-54.

China Medical Board of New York, report, 1954-79, financial report, 1950-51. China Medical Board, minutes and related materials, 1939-42; certificate, 1933. China Medical Commission, Rockefeller Foundation, report, 1914.

Dalian (Liaoning Sheng, China). Hospital. Medical conference addresses in commemoration of the opening of the new Dairen hospital. Dairen, Dairen Hospital, South Manchuria Railway Co., 1927.7.C.1927.4

Foochow Missionary Hospital. The annual report of Foochow Missionary Hospital, Foochow, China, for the year ending January 31st, Foochow : Foochow College Press. (1910-1911, 1913-194) 39-C (Also available at Andover-Harv. Theol (1911), Widener Ch 75.110.3 (1910-1923, incomplete))

Harvard Medical School of China, annual reports and hospital reports, 1911-17; reports and announcements, n.d. Ling nan da xue (Guangzhou, China). Report of the medical department including the hospital and infirmary for 1928-1930. Canton. Shameen Printing Press. [1931] 1.O.1931.5

Lingnan University, report of the medical department, 1928-30.

Medical Missionary Society's Hospital at Canton. Reprint of the report of the semi-centennial celebration, held in the Preston Memorial church at the hospital, December 31st., 1885. Rare Books 1.Fh.1886.3

Medical Missionary Society in China, annual reports, 1839, 1841-43, 1845-51, 1858-59, 1864, 1874, 1879.

Medical School of China, financial records and forms, 1910-26.

Ophthalmic Hospital at Canton, minutes and reports, 1836, 1838, 1848-51, 1885.

Peking Union Medical College, certificate of incorporation, 1928; minutes and related materials, 1939-40

Wuchang, China. Church General Hospital. Report. Hankow : R.T.S. Press. (1934,1940) 39-C

Zhongguo xie he yi ke da xue. Annual report of the Medical Superintendent. Peiping : The Hospital. (1928-1939) 39-P


Peking Union Medical College, Correspondence relating to, 1921-42, with Robert S.K. Lim, O.H. Robertson, H.C. Chang, S.C. Chen, Roger S. Greene, G. Canby Robertson, H.S. Houghton, and E.W. Cruikshank.

China Medical Board, Correspondence relating to, 1936-42, with E.C. Lobenstine and Agnes M. Pearce.

American Bureau for Medical Aid to China, Correspondence relating to, 1939-42, with Mrs. A.W. Hartt, Edward H. Hume, Frank Co Tui, Helen Stevens, Donald D. Van Slyke, and Marion Exeter.

United China Relief, Correspondence with officers and directors of, 1941-42, including Edward C. Carter, Robert W. Barnett, and James Blaine.

New England Committee for Chinese Relief, Correspondence with, China Aid Council, and other aid-to-China organizations, 1937-42.

Jean Alonzo Curran, Correspondence and diaries related to the work of, who was a medical missionary in China, 1921-28.

Cheeloo University School of Medicine, 15 letters from Theodore Chase Greene to Hugh Lyle Stalker, regarding his work at the Cheeloo University School of Medicine, including discussion of the work at mission hospitals, medical conditions in China, a protest regarding proposed removal of Mr. Dean and Dr. Greene from Peking, experiences in Canton teaching in medical school and working in the hospital, relief, and religion, 1927-49.


“Notes on Chinese Medicine,” n.d.

“Chinese Medical Literature,” by Wang Chi-min, 1918.

“The China Medical Board,” by Frederick Taylor, n.d


Essay by W.H. Welch, 1907.

“Harvard Medical School of China,” by Jean Alonzo Curran, 1963.


A Brief Account of an Ophthalmic Institution, During the Years 1827, ’28, ’29, ’30, ’31, and 1832, at Macao, by a philanthropist, 1834.

The Chinese Ministry of Health, by Jui-heng Liu, 1929.

Lingnan University (Lingnan School, the Orphanage, Canton Hospital, etc.): A Letter, 1941.

The Medical Missionary Society in China, by Thomas Richardson Colledge, 1838. Papers Relative to Hospitals in China, by the Medical Missionary Society in China, 1841.

Statement Respecting Hospitals in China, by Peter Parker, 1842.

Suggestions for the Formation of a Medical Missionary Society, Offered to the Consideration of All Christian Nations, by T.R. Colledge, P. Parker, and E.C. Bridgman, 1836.


Chinese Medical Journal, v.46-84(1932-1965), v.85:no.1-9(1966); v.73:no.6(1955); v.76:no.4- 6(1958); v.77(1958): v.79-80(1959-1960); v.81-82(1962-1963); v.83:no.1-7(1964)

China Medical Journal, 1907-32.

China Medical Missionary Journal, 1887-1907.

China’s Medicine, 1966-68.

Chinese Medical Journal, 1932-66, 1973-79; Chengtu ed., 1942-45; foreign ed., 1932-66; supplement, 1936-40.

China Medical Journal, 1907-14.

>China Medical Missionary Journal, 1887-1907.

Chinese Language Materials/Serials

Chinese Medical Journal, 1973-74.

Personal Papers

Cannon, Walter B. (Walter Bradford), 1871-1945. Papers, 1873-1945, 1972-1974 (inclusive), 1881-1945 (bulk): Finding Aid. HMS c40 Walter Bradford Cannon was a major figure in the development of American physiology and medicine during the first four decades of the twentieth century. The papers in the Archive relate not only to Cannon the scientist, but also to Cannon the humanist who believed in the universality of knowledge and the international brotherhood of man. He wrote and spoke frequently on the subjects of medical education and of the implications and relations of science to society. Cannon was a member of the China Medical Board and the collection contains correspondence regarding mostly the China Medical Board and Peking Union Medical College (1922-1945).

Curran, Jean Alonzo, 1893- Papers, [186-?], 1871-1976, 1995: A Finding Aid. HMS c164 The Jean Alonzo Curran (JAC) Papers, [186-?], 1871-1976, 1995, are the records of the historical research, medical consulting, and international missionary activities of Jean Alonzo Curran, a research consultant at the Harvard School of Public Health. The papers document JAC’s career, including his work in rural medicine, both domestic and abroad, his work as a medical historian and consultant at the HSPH, and his administrative duties at Long Island College of Medicine and SUNY Downstate Medical Center. The bulk of the collection falls between 1922 and 1976 and contains JAC’s personal and professional correspondence, writings, and photographs recording JAC's work as a medical missionary, historian, and consultant. From 1923 to 1930 JAC served at the Carleton-in- China Mission Hospital, located in the city of Fenchow, Shansi Province, in northwest China. The hospital operated under the auspices of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions and was partially supported by the China Medical Board of New York, a division of the Rockefeller Foundation.

Books and Memoirs

Meyer, F. B. (Frederick Brotherton), 1847-1929. Memorials of Cecil Robertson, F.R.C.S., of Sianfu : medical missionary. London:Carey Press, 1913. Film Med 37209 or 1.Ea.865.

3. Harvard University Archives

Reports of Hospitals, Medical Schools, and Organizations

Harvard Medical School of China. Hospital Dept. Annual report. Shanghai, Methodist Publishing House. 2d-3d (1914/15-1915/16). HU 499.10

4. Harvard-Yenching Library

Ma Xiao-He, Librarian

Guides: New guide being prepared by Zhang Meilan of Qinghua University based on 1980 Harvard Yenching Collection on Protestant Missions (which was photocopy of cards from catalogue)

John Yung-Hsiang Lai, Protestant missionary works in Chinese, Harvard-Yenching Library, Zug, Switzerland: IDC, 1983.

美国哈佛大学哈佛燕京图书馆藏民国时期图书总目 Catalogue of books of the period of the Republic of China collected in Harvard-Yenching library. Guilin: Guangxi shifandaxue chubanshe, 2010 Z881.H35 M45 2010

Harvard-Yenching Library Archives

Raymond Lum, Asian Bibliographer/Librarian for the Western Language Collection and co-library liaison to the Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations,

Papers of George A. and Geraldine Fitch. Finding guide 9 pages has medical relief items including YMCA Chinese Institute for the Blind, American bureau for Medical Aid to China, Leprosy Mission

聯合國善後救濟總暑文件 United National Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA), 1945- 1950. No Medicial relief items listed, but should have related issues.

Papers of Frank Harrison Canaday on the British-American Tobacco Co. Comprises 7 volumes of scrapbooks; typescript of a book. No finding aids. (Hollis: 000603660)

Reports of Hospitals, Medical Schools, and Organizations

Lingnan University, medical work, 1900-1951. [Records of the Trustees of Lingnan University] Downloadable pdf guide available:

Medical Highlights of guide:

  1. Correspondence: Annually divided correspondence of key ABCFM leaders like Henry S. Frank, James M. Henry, Olin D. Wannamaker, Y.L. Lee, Charles K. Edmunds, Harold B. Hoskins, with numerous missionaries and some Chinese. Dr. Edward Hume appears. This material is extensive.
  2. Catalogues (of educational institutions?) 1899-1948;
  3. Field Reports 1820-1951;
  4. University Survey, 1947-1948;
  5. Financial Reports, 1887-1952; 5. Statistics;
  6. Charter, Board of Regents;
  7. Minutes
  8. Medical Work
    • General Correspondence 1904-1916; 1917-1922; 1923-1951
    • University of Penna. Y.M.C.A. 1900-1913; 1914-1929
    • Canton Medical Society 1897-1947
    • King Yee Society
    • Articles and Reports

Alphabetical index of persons and topics on guide pages 17-28 Library began a list of files but abandoned this. Highlights include: some medical topics on local mission work and medical missionaries preparation. Focus on Canton mission (Canton Christian College) and Shantung Mission (Chefoo).


大成老旧刊全文数据库 Very few libraries in China or outside have purchased access to this full text database. Full access only within Harvard-Yenching library to full text of dozens of Chinese medical journals from Republican China, including the 中華醫學雜誌 National Medical Journal of the National Medical Association (1915-1932), later known as the Chinese Medical Association in English (1932 to present). Full List of Journals according to first year of publication: 中医急症通讯 1900;中西医学报 1910;医药观 1914;中华医报 1914;中华医学 杂志 1915;绍兴医药学报 1918;中华民国医药学会会报 1918;通俗医事月刊 1919;同德医学 1920;中医杂志 1921;青浦医药学报 1922;医事月刊 1923; 经典医药月报 1925;医界春秋 1926;医学周刊集 1926;医事杂志 1927;天德医 疗新报 1927;同仁会医学杂志 1928;战时医政 1928;医药杂志 1928;德华医学 杂志 1928;国立中山大学医科集刊 1929;协医通俗月刊 1929;吉林医学月报 1929;医药学 1929;医药评论 1929;广东医药月报 1929;东南医刊 1929;社 会医报 1930;医药学报 1930;河南大学医学院季刊 1930;同仁医学 1931;新医 药 1931;大众医刊 1931;同济医学季刊 1931;民众医报 1931;广东光汉医药月 报 1931;南京市国医工会杂志 1931;军医公报 1932;国立北平大学医学年刊 1932; 民国医学杂志 1932;浙江中医专门学校校友会会刊 1933; 文艺的医学 1933;医药导报 1933;lu 声医药学报 1934 厦门; 苏州国医杂志 1934; 新医药刊 1934; 法医月刊 1934;国医正言 1934;中华医学杂志(北京)1934;医药学 生 1934;新医与社会汇刊 1934;神州国医月报 1934;民生医药 1934;新中华医 药月刊 1935;医育 1935;畜牧兽医季刊 1935;中西医药 1935;广西省梧州区医 药研究汇刊 1936;中国医学院第七届毕业纪念刊 1936; 中华新医药刊 1936;明 日医叶 1936;国立上海医学院季刊 1936;国医文摘 1936;兽医月刊 1936; 中山 医报 1936;医学月刊 1936; 湘雅医风 1936;中国医药研究月报 1936; 光华医 药杂志 1937;健社医学月刊 1937;国医公报 1937;诊疗医报 1937;中华医药 1937;广东军医杂志 1937;中国医药 1938;东亚医报 1938;现代医学 1939; 东亚医学 1940;澄光医药季刊 1940;畜牧兽医月刊 1940;国立湘雅医学院院刊 1941;国立江苏医学院院刊 1941; 闽医院刊 1941;闽医译林 1941;国立西北 医学院院刊 1941;国历北京大学医学杂志 1941; 中央畜牧兽医汇报 1942;国立 中正医学院院刊 1942; 广西省立医学院周刊集 1942;广西省立医学院药品然给研 究委员会研究报告 1942;医学文摘 1942; 兽医畜牧杂志 1943; 医文 1943;国 立同济大学医科大学医科研究所细菌学部工作报告 1944;国立中央大学医学院毕 业同学会会刊 1944;医联 1945;苏联医报 1945;医学导报 1945;现代医药杂志 1946;大众医学 1946;家庭医药 1946;江西省立医学专科学校校刊 1946; 国 立贵阳医学院院刊 1947;医潮 1947; 牙医季刊 1947;中国医药建设文库 1947;国立潘阳医学院医学杂志 1947;江西省医学专科学校校刊 1947;西南医 学杂志 1947;中医学校期刊 1947;中医情报 1947;医药学复刊版 1948;上医月 刊 1948;国医砥柱 1948; 医务生活 1948;国立江苏医学院十周年纪念 1948; 医药研究 1948;东南医讯 1948;医药世界 1948; 华西医药杂志 1949;今日医 药 1949;; 医药新知 1949;新医学报 1949;医林一。。。;

Paper and Microfilm Periodicals

Chinese Medical Journal, 1953-66.

National Medical Journal, 1923, 1932 more complete.

Over 150 Chinese language newspapers that will have content of interest to historians of medicine, including Shenbao, Minguo ribao, Beijing daxue rikan, etc. There is a finding aid for these.

Digitized Books

Harvard-Yenching Library Chinese Republican Period (1911-1949) digitization project. These books are on all topics, there are currently over 324 books scanned with full text. No medical books identified yet, but it is likely there may be some among them.

National Library of China-Harvard Yenching Library Chinese Rare Book Digitization Project NLC Chinese search site

Fu Ssu-Nien Library Rare Books Database (Harvard Cooperating with Academia Sinica) Academia Sinica hosts site:

5. Houghton Library

Personal Papers

Greene, Roger Sherman, 1881-1947. Papers: Guide. MS Am 1864

Roger S. Greene was an American diplomat, foundation official, and medical administrator in China. The collection consists primarily Greene's correspondence from 1906 to 1946, relating particularly to his work for the Department of State, the China Medical Board of the Rockefeller Foundation, the American Committee for Non- Participation in Japanese Aggression and the Committee to Defend American by Aiding the Allies. He was also associated with the China Foundation and Harvard-Yenching Institute, and his correspondence relating to his work with these and other organizations is also part of the collection.


American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions archives, ABC 1-91 (1810-1961) (1261 linear ft.)

Records of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, including personal papers and photographs of individuals and organizations associated with it. The American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions was founded in 1810, the first organized missionary society in the United States. By the time of its centenary in 1910, the Board was responsible for 102 mission stations and a missionary staff of 600 in India, Ceylon, West Central Africa (Angola), South Africa and Rhodesia, Asiatic and European Turkey, four different regions in China, Japan, Micronesia, the Philippines, and the "Papal lands" of Mexico, Spain and Austria. Missions to American Indians had come and gone; likewise a mission to Hawaii, where the church had achieved independence from the Board.

The bulk of this massive collection consists of letters written by secretaries of the Board to its missionaries and others, and letters received by the Board, largely from missionaries in the field. Also included are records of organizations associated with the Board and miscellaneous manuscripts, largely personal papers and photographs of individuals connected with the Board.


China Medical Commission and China Medical Board correspondence, 8.5 boxes 1914-27, 1935-38, 1940-46. [Roger Sherman Greene Papers, 1905-47]

Peking Union Medical College related, 2 boxes of correspondence, 1927-28. [Roger Sherman Greene Papers, 1905-47]

China Medical Board correspondence with director, 3 boxes of correspondence. [Roger Sherman Greene Papers, 1905-47]

Kate Greene and China Medical Board, Folder of correspondence between, 1947-63. [Roger Sherman Greene Papers, 1905-47]

various relief organizations, 19 folders of correspondence with, 1938-39. [Roger Sherman Greene Papers, 1905-47]

United China Relief, 4 folders of correspondence with, 1942-45. [Roger Sherman Greene Papers, 1905-47]

6. Schlesinger Library

Miriam Bancroft Jenkins Photograph Album. (1894-1928)

Miriam (Bancroft) Jenkins was the daughter of Charles P. Bancroft (Harvard 1874), a physician at the New Hampshire State Hospital in Concord. She was trained as a nurse and in 1922 went to China as part of the American Church Mission in WuChang. In October 1924 she married Walter Jenkins in Kobe, Japan; they lived in Wanhsien and Hankow, China, where she died in 1928. She was buried in the Bancroft family plot in Concord.

Greene Family Papers. (1926-1989)

Ralph Cutler Greene was born in Beijing, China, in 1928, the son of Dr. Theodore C. Greene and Phoebe Cutler Greene, Presbyterian missionaries. He died of encephalitis in May 1941. Collection includes a bound volume entitled "An American Boy in China, Ralph, A Story of the Life of Ralph Cutler Greene, Peking 1928, Jenshow 1941," containing transcripts of letters from family members re: Ralph and their life in China; also excerpts from Ralph’s diaries and photocopies of photographs. Also bound volume containing text and photocopies of photographs entitled "A Medical Mission in China: Douw Hospital and Its Work, 1926-1931" by Theodor Chase Greene. Unprocessed but available for research.

Stedman, Edith Gratia, 1888-1978. Papers, 1833-1978 (inclusive), 1913-1978 (bulk), MC 345

Social worker, college administrator, and writer (Radcliffe B.A., 1910), Stedman was a canteen worker with the YMCA in France and Germany during WWI, a medical social worker at the Episcopal Mission of the Diocese of Hankow, under Bishop Logan Roots, in Wu Chang, China (1920-1927). The eruption of civil war there in 1927 forced her to leave. Series I, Personal and Employment, contains photographs, personal correspondence with friends and colleagues, diaries and accounts of her work in France and China.

Minutes, Records, and Reports of Hospitals, Medical Schools, and Organization

Peking Union Medical College, annual reports and memos to staff and colleagues, 1921-39. [Pruitt Family Papers, 1891-1970s, 15 boxes]


Letters of Anna Pruitt to her parents, relatives, and friends, 1891-1907. [Pruitt Family Papers, 1891-1970s, 15 boxes]

11 bound volumes of correspondence of Anna Pruitt (ca. 100-200 pages each); original and carbons (with personal notes) of weekly correspondence with Anna Pruitt, 1908-48. [Pruitt Family Papers, 1891-1970s, 15 boxes]


Carbon copies of published and unpublished essays of Anna Pruitt, mostly for the mission press, early 1900s-1930s. [Pruitt Family Papers, 1891-1970s, 15 boxes]

Drafts of autobiography of Ida Pruitt covering 1887-1939. [Pruitt Family Papers, 1891-1970s, 15 boxes]

Notes and copies of Ida Pruitt’s lectures on hospital social service. [Pruitt Family Papers, 1891-1970s, 15 boxes]

Copies of stories and incomplete patient records by Peking Union Medical College hospital case workers, 1921-39. [Pruitt Family Papers, 1891-1970s, 15 boxes]

7. Widener Library

Minutes, Records, and Reports of Hospitals, Medical Schools, and Organizations

Canton Hospital, report, 1919.

Foochow Missionary Hospital, report, 1910-14, 1922-23.

Han-k’ou (China). Hankow Medical Mission Hospital. The five annual reports of the Hankow Medical Mission Hospital, in connection with the Wesleyan Missionary Society; under the charge of F. Porter Smith ... From July 1st 1864 to June 30th 1869. Shanghai, printed at the "North China Herald" Office, 1869. (1864-1869) Ch 75.70.6

Lingnan University, report of the medical department, 1928-30.

Medical Missionary Society in China, report, 1845-47, 1858-59.


Letter from Ella (Johnson) Kinnear, Foochow Missionary Hospital, concerning the revolution in Foochow, 1912.


China Medical Journal, 1907-21.

China Medical Missionary Journal, 1887-91, 1893-97, 1901, 1906-7.