Other Repositories in the U.S. and Canada

Other Repositories in the U.S. and Canada



Claremont Colleges: Honnold/Mudd Library

American Missionaries and Educators in China Collection
Finding aid: http://pdf.oac.cdlib.org/pdf/cuc/mud/h1971_1.pdf

Stanford University Libraries, Dept. of Special Collections & University Archives

R. Stuart Hummel Family Papers – include papers of George A. Stuart, Methodist medical missionary in China 1886-1911 who established the Methodist hospital in Wuhu and later established medical school at University of Nanking
Finding aid: http://pdf.oac.cdlib.org/pdf/stanford/mss/m1607.pdf

 Stanford University Libraries, Hoover Institution Archives

Rudolph L. Crook papers
Baptist medical missionary in the Szechuan province of China between 1920 and 1950
Finding aid: http://pdf.oac.cdlib.org/pdf/hoover/2012C27.pdf

Iva M. Miller photograph collection
Depicts scenes at the Isabella Fisher Hospital, Tientsin, China, 1910-1930
Finding aid: http://pdf.oac.cdlib.org/pdf/hoover/72061.pdf



Billy Graham Center Archives Wheaton U



 Smith College – Sophia Smith Collection

Ruth Hemenway papers
Papers consist of biographical material and twenty diaries, 1924-1941. Hemenway initially directed a hospital for women in Mintsing, Fukien, China and later did rural medical work.
Finding aid: http://asteria.fivecolleges.edu/findaids/sophiasmith/mnsss29_main.html  

Beatrice Farnsworth Powers papers
Farnsworth Powers was on the staff of the Yale-in-China Hospital in Changsha, Hunan as principal of the nursing school and superintendent of nurses from 1913-1915
Finding aid: http://asteria.fivecolleges.edu/findaids/sophiasmith/mnsss363_main.html

 Hyla S. Watters papers
Watters was a Methodist missionary physician, primarily at Wuhu General Hospital in Anhwei Province from 1925 to 1948.
Finding aid: http://asteria.fivecolleges.edu/findaids/sophiasmith/mnsss73_main.html



Joint Archives of Holland, at Hope College

H88-0116. Otte, Frances Phelps (1860-1956). Papers, 1876-1960. 2.00 linear ft.
Hope College class of 1882, one of the first two women graduates; wife of John A. Otte, medical missionary to Amoy, China. Collection contains two scrapbooks, biographies, correspondence, family photographs, daguerreotypes, a tintype, and an ambrotype. Also includes essays on her husband, China, Japanese students at Hope College, and her student memories. The scrapbooks consist of clippings, programs, poetry, humor, and an essay about the first women graduates of Hope College. Other topics include Christmas, China, Chinese proverbs, the 1930 Hope College Milestone, and the Overseas Club.
Detailed Collection Register available.

H88-0117. Otte, John A. (1861-1910). Papers, 1883-2008. 2.50 linear ft.
Member of the Hope College class of 1883; medical missionary to Amoy, China, from 1888-1910. The collection includes biographies, clippings, correspondence, memorials, pamphlets and articles about his life and work, memorials, and two books of photographs about his work in Amoy, China.
Detailed Collection Register available.

W95-1196. Holleman, Clarence H. (1890-1973). Papers, 1929-1971. 0.25 linear ft.
Clarence H. Holleman was a medical missionary in Amoy, China (1919-1941, 1946-1949). His papers reflect the experiences of an American family in China during the Communist takeover in the late 1920s and in Taiwan at the Mackay Memorial Hospital in Taipei (1957-1960).
Detailed Collection Register available.

W11-1383. Joldersma, Helen (1896-1928). Papers, ca. 1931. 1 folder.
Holland, Michigan, native. Reformed Church in American medical missionary to China, 1926-1928. Passed away in China in January 1928. Collection includes the pamphlet “Triumph of a Spirit—Glimpses from the life of Helen Joldersma” by Tena Holkeboer, ca. 1931. (J)

W88-0089. Otte Family, John A. (1861-1910) and Frances Phelps (1860-1956). Papers, 1863-1956. 0.50 linear ft.
John A. Otte (1861-1910) was a medical missionary in Amoy, China, and was assisted by his wife, Frances Phelps Otte, whose father, Dr. Philip Phelps, was the first President of Hope College. The collection includes biographical information, including a CD on the life and work of Dr. John A. Otte in China, articles, publications, a scrapbook concerning the family, and an article on Sarah Gertrude Alcott, one of the first female graduates of Hope College. Detailed Collection Register available.

W98-1012.1. Veldman, Harold E. (1897-1988) Papers, 1926-1930. 1.50 linear ft.
Hope College Preparatory School student and Hope College class of 1921; Detroit Medical School (Wayne State University) class of 1925; medical missionary to Amoy Mission, China (1926-1930). Includes correspondence and a diary that details the four years Harold and Pearl Veldman spent in China.
Detailed Collection Register available.


W88-0121.5. Walvoord, Jeane (Jean) W. (1909-2011).Papers, 1950-2011. 0.25 linear ft.
Jeane (Jean) Wilhelmina Walvoord was born in Japan in 1909 to medical missionaries Anthony and Edith Walvoord. After the death of her father in 1919, the family returned to the United States, where her mother became the matron of Voorhees Hall at Hope College. There, she attended the local grammar school (Froebel). She attended Hope College for two years then transferred to and graduated from the University of Michigan with a nursing degree. She would later earn a master’s degree from the University of Michigan. In 1931, she became a medical missionary to Amoy, China, through the Reformed Church in America. During a long illness, she returned to Holland, Michigan, to recover. She returned to China in 1948. In 1951, she and other missionaries were forced to leave by the communists. Other assignments included the Philippines (1952-1954) and Taiwan (1954-1974). The collection contains biographical materials and a Walvoord family guest book (1950-1960).


University of Oregon - Special Collections and University Archives

Bruce and Anna Jarvis papers
Bruce Jarvis was a Presbyterian missionary physician who served in Peking, 1923-1929; Foochow, 1931-1937 and 1946-1949; and Chengtu, 1944-1946
Finding aid:http://nwda.orbiscascade.org/ark:/80444/xv36271

Esther Morse papers
Morse was a Presbyterian missionary physician serving in Hainan, 1930-1953
Finding aid: http://nwda.orbiscascade.org/ark:/80444/xv68410

Frederick and Myra Scovel papers
The Scovels were Presbyterian medical missionaries who served at Bachman Hunter Hospital, Tsining, Shantung, beginning in 1930 until they were repatriated in 1943 after a period in a Japanese internment camp. They later worked at Hope Hospital, Huai Yuan, Anhwei and Hackett Medical Center, Canton.
Finding aid: http://nwda.orbiscascade.org/ark:/80444/xv68070

James E. and Susan L. Skinner papers
James Skinner was a Methodist missionary physician stationed in Kucheng, Fukien from 1897 and Yenping from 1903 to 1933, where he established the Alden Speare Memorial Hospital, and in other areas of Fukien province until 1943.
Finding aid: http://nwda.orbiscascade.org/ark:/80444/xv03096

Dennis V. Smith papers
Smith was a Methodist Episcopal missionary physician in Peking. The collection (1915-1926) contains letters written by Smith while he was head of the Methodist Hospital (John L. Hopkins Memorial) in Peking.
Finding aid: http://nwda.orbiscascade.org/ark:/80444/xv77954

Charles Garnet Trimble papers
Trimble was a Methodist missionary physician in Foochow in 1914, and later with the Alden Speare Memorial Hospital in Yenping.
Finding aid: http://nwda.orbiscascade.org/ark:/80444/xv70739

George Van Gorder papers
Van Gorder specialized in orthopedic surgery and became a professor and surgeon at the Peking Union Medical College Hospital. The collection contains bound volumes that include case records, diagnoses, treatment reports, and photographs or copies of x-rays, 1925-1928.
Finding aid: http://nwda.orbiscascade.org/ark:/80444/xv05883


Drexel University, College of Medicine

MILLICAN, Edith, M.D., Letters, [1943 - 1948].    16 letters
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Sixteen typed letters from Millican describing her activities during her medical missionary service in China.

SHEPPARD, Walter Lee, PAPERS [1919-1941]    4 ln. ft.
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MISSIONARIES, PAPERS, [1915-1972]   2 ln. ft.
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Correspondence, lists of medical missionary personnel, and printed materials, [1915-1972], of MCP missionary alumnae; and of general medical missionary organizations, particularly the Medical Mission Sisters; mission hospitals; schools; and non-medical missionary groups around the world, but particularly in Ceylon, China, and India.

SCRAPBOOK, hospitals in Asia, PAPERS, [1878-1922]   1 scrapbook, microfilm
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Scrapbook containing photographs of hospitals and patients in China, Ceylon and India. Primarily photographs with some drawings and some printed materials. The compiler of the scrapbook is not identified; materials were contributed by Dr. Elizabeth Reifsnyder; Dr. Anna S. Kugler. Dr. M. Pauline Root; and Dr. Mary Grascom. Original and microfilm available.

LI, Bi Cu, M.D., NON-TEXTUAL, n.d.   1 audio cassette, transcript
Interview with Dr. ALfred Li, regarding his aunt, with Dr. Bi Cu Li (WMC 1905), including transcript. Dr. Li practiced at the Lucie F. Harrison Hospital in Fu-shen, China from 1905-1950, primarily in obstetrics and gynecology. She later lived in Hong Kong and Los Angeles, and died in 1974.

Haverford College Quaker & Special Collections

William Warder Cadbury papers, 1877-1951 - Ms. Coll. 1160 ...


University of Utah

 Susan Barbara Tallmon Sargent Papers




University of British Columbia

 Rudolph and Edith Crook fonds:
A manuscript entitled A Trip to Tibet (Summer 1930) with photographs chronicles a trip taken by the Crooks with fellow medics and missionaries.

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