Chekiang Provincial Medical & Pharmaceutical Special School; Chekiang Provincial Schoole of Medicine and Pharmacy

Province: Zhejiang
Alternate Names: 浙江省立醫藥專門學校(1927-1931);浙江公立醫藥專門學校藥科(1913-1927);浙江設立醫藥專科學校藥科(1931-1947);浙江省立醫學院藥學系(1947-1960);浙江醫科大學藥學系(1960-1997);浙江醫科大學藥學院(1997-1999);浙江大學藥學院(1999)
City(preferred name): Hangzhou
City: Hangchow
Sponsoring Organizations: Chinese government
Year: 1913

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Medical Faculty: 24
Medium of Instruction: Major: Chinese, German;Minor: English, Japanese
General of Special Equipment: Water, electricity, X ray
Students: Medicine 70, Pharmacy 13
Budget: 97949 RMB from Provincial Government in 1930

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