West China Union University, College of Medicine

Province: Sichuan
Alternate Names: 私立華西協和大學醫牙醫院(前身為1892年的存仁,仁濟醫院);華西醫院(1946-1953);四川醫學院(1953-1985);華西醫科大學(1985-2000);四川大學華西臨床醫學院(2000)
City(preferred name): chengdu
City: Chengdu
Sponsoring Organizations: Board of Governors representing Mission Boards of British,American and Canadian Missions
Year: 1914

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Medical Faculty: Full time, 33; part time 11*
Laboratory: Anatomy 48, Histology and Embryology 50, Bichemistry 20, Physiology and Pharmacology 30, Pharmacy and materia Medica 20*, Pathology and Bacteriology 20*
Library: 72 medical and dental journals regularly received. 2415 volumes of books and bound periodicals in library*
Medium of Instruction: English and Chinese*
General of Special Equipment: Water, electricity, gas in part, X-ray, diathermy and ultra-violet light*
Students: 43*
Graduate Students: Medicine 47. Dentistry 11*
Budget: about $60,000 Gold. Mission boards, endowment and student fees*

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