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In-person Library services have been altered to limit COVID-19 spread. Read our Opening Guide for more information.

Print/ Scan

Print from Public UL Workstations

  1. You will be given a choice of "queues" from the standard pop-up printer window.
    • Black and white (default): 
      • This is the default for all printing
      • The cost for printing is $0.04 per printed page side
    • Color:
      • This is to be used for standard color copies and is $0.25 per printed page side
  2. After you click "OK" for your print job, proceed to any print release station.
  3. At the print release station, swipe your card.
  4. You will then be able to view a screen of your pending print job(s) and the option to continue to print or cancel. (Unprinted documents that have not been cancelled will remain in the system for 24 hours before being automatically deleted.)
  5. The screen will display the number of pages for each print job.

Print from Your Devices

  • Print from your Mac/Windows Laptop

    1. First, establish a connection to the IUSECURE Wireless Network.
    2. Download and install Print BYOD package from IUware.
    3. To print a document, click Print, and then select one of the following print queues:
      • IU Campus Black & White Printer
      • IU Campus Color Printer
    4. In the "Print Job Details" window that appears, enter your IU username and click Print.
  • Print from your mobile device

    1. Log in with your IUPUI username and passphrase at https://mobile.print.iu.edu/.
    2. Upload your document.
    3. Proceed to any print station to release your print.

Print Without Your JagTag

  • Visit a RICOH printer on the 2nd or 4th floor and log in with your IUPUI username and passphrase to release your print.
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Scanning a picture or document is free of charge at the publicly available scanners on the 2nd and 4th floor. If you are a guest user not affliated with IU, you may need to purchase a Guest Computer Account at the 2nd Floor Information / Service Desk. Please see information for guest users.

University Library also has a Scanpro Microform Scanner - instruction on how to use the microform scanner - as well as specialized scanners for digital scholarly projects. If you want to know more about digitization services offered by the Center for Digital Scholarship, please contact them by email at digschol@iupui.edu or by phone at 317-274-8230, or visit their Services page.

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