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July 22: 1991. On this day, "Quality Urban Schools: What Works?" kicked off as a two-day event sponsored by the IU School of Education at IUPUI and the IUPUI-based Indiana Urban Schools Association. The conference explored issues such as school violence and full-day kindergarten from the perspective of urban schools.The IUPUI School of Education has... Read More
July 21, 2000On this day, Indiana Governor Frank O'Bannon selected Professor Stephen J. Jay, IU School of Medicine, and Professor Arden G. Christen,  IU School of Dentistry, both IUPUI smoking cessation experts, to study the impact of tobacco use and reduce smoking among Indiana citizens. The governor made the appointments after the Indiana General... Read More
July 20, 1972On this date, an eight-week non-credit course offered by IUPUI commenced with the aim to help "central-city residents" of Indianapolis develop civic leadership skills. The course arose as IUPUI administrators were sensitive to complaints by African-American residents of the near-westside Indianapolis neighborhood in which the campus was located... Read More
July 19, 1971On this day, the medical library of the IU School of Medicine hosted a screening of Dr. Charles A. Berry's live telecast series called, "What Are We Learning in Space Medicine." The telecast focused on the health and safety of astronauts on long space flights. The concern arose in the aftermath of the Soviet Union's Soyuz 11 incident in the... Read More
This week's IUPUI Photo of the Week features a high-school student in the MEAP (Minority Engineering Advancement Program) receiving instruction from a School of Engineering and Technology faculty member in July 1986. MEAP was established in 1974 to encourage minority students to explore engineering and engineering technology. The summertime workshops... Read More
July 18, 1978On this day, The Summer Band, a pick-up group of professional musicians in Indianapolis, performed a free concert in the IUPUI Union Building. The concert featured Broadway hits, folk songs, and march tunes. The event was sponsored by the IUPUI Lectures and Convocations Committee, a body tasked in IUPUI's early years with bringing speakers,... Read More
July 17, 1972On this date, Dr. and Mrs. Bernerd L. Bogar accepted a plaque from Dr. Maynard K. Hine, Chancellor of IUPUI, honoring Dr. Bogar, chair of the Department of Economics at IUPUI, for the successful completion of his term of office as secretary of the IUPUI Faculty Council. Dr. Bogar served through the establishment of the council, which combined... Read More
July 16, 1971On this day, a group of IUPUI students, faculty, and administrators met to draft a plan for a single student publication. An observer deemed the event a "major step toward making IPI [what many called IUPUI in its early days] a completely unified university."Prior to the IUPUI merger, the different Indiana University and Purdue University... Read More
July 15, 1983On this day, the United States synchronized swimming team performed at the recently opened (in 1982) IUPUI Natatorium accompanied by the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. Called "A Classical Splash," promoters dubbed the event a "dynamic combination" of the Olympic sport and art to "recreate the aura of [Hollywood movie star] Esther Williams' [... Read More
July 14, 1971On this day in 1971, members of the Actors Conservatory Theater Workshop performed comedy sketches before students, staff, and faculty of the IUPUI Herron School of Art in its auditorium at 16th and Pennsylvania Streets. Located on the near-north side of Indianapolis for decades before becoming a part of Indiana University in 1967, Herron put... Read More

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