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February 5, 1969. On this day, WISH-TV 8 television channel in Indianapolis broadcast an editorial commenting on the recent announcement of the merger of the city campuses of Indiana University and Purdue Universities. The opening line of the editorial took a combative tone. "Indiana and Purdue Universities ought to get serious about an Indianapolis... Read More
February 4, 1977. On this day, IUPUI chancellor Dr. Glenn W. Irwin, Jr., named Dr. Paul R. Bippen director of the IUPUI-Columbus Center. Bippen had served as interim director of the center since 1976, and before that he had been assistant to Indiana University's chancellor for regional programs and assistant to the IUPUI dean of the faculties.For years... Read More
February 3, 1970. On this day, faculty, staff, and students of the Indiana University School of Nursing held a "birthday party" celebrating the school's history in Indianapolis. As well, the event served as the "kickoff" event at IUPUI in Indianapolis for IU's sequicentennial celebration, which continued throughout that calendar year. The Indiana... Read More
February 2, 1971. On this day, Howard S. Wilcox, president of Howard S. Wilcox, Inc., public relations consultants, a former director of publications and personnel for the Indianapolis Star and News, was the keynote speaker for an eight-week course titled "Effective Public Relations and Publicity." The course was shown on IUPUI's 38th Street Campus and... Read More
February 1, 1988. On this day, IUPUI campus leaders released the IUPUI Development Plan, 1988-2000 in draft to campus faculty and staff. Chancellor Gerald L. Bepko and Dean of the Faculties/Executive Vice Chancellor William M. Plater, the writers of the document, solicited one more round of input before rolling out the final product in late March.The... Read More
January 31, 1977. On this day, the Sagamore, the IUPUI student newspaper, published an article announcing the formation of a History Society. The Society was open to all students, not just history majors, who were interested and intrigued by historical questions. According to the article, the Society would "provide an informal social setting in which... Read More
This week's photo features the inauguration of Charles R. Bantz in 2003 as the fourth chancellor in IUPUI's history. He served as chancellor until 2015.IUPUI Special Collections and Archives has a wealth of photography documenting the history of IUPUI. See some of it in our IUPUI Image Collection. Email us at speccoll@iupui.edu with your questions.
January 30, 1969. On this day, Indiana University-Indianapolis chancellor Dr. Maynard K. Hine composed a covering memorandum and sent it to all faculty and staff of IU in Indianapolis, along with the January 28 joint news release and the text of the resolution creating IUPUI passed by the boards of trustees of IU and Purdue University. He wished, he... Read More
January 29, 1969. On this day, the Indianapolis News ran an article, "Campus Merger Called 'Necessary,'" quoting the newly appointed chancellor of IUPUI, Dr. Maynard K. Hine, concerning the just-announced merger of Purdue University and Indiana University's Indianapolis campuses. The evening newspaper quoted Hine's comments made earlier in the day. "We... Read More
January 28, 1969. On this day, Indiana University and Purdue University issued a joint news release announcing officially their plan to merge the Indianapolis campuses of both universities. The release said that university representatives had shared the plan with Indiana General Assembly legislators from Marion County on that day. In fact, university... Read More

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