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September 23, 1983 On this day, the IUPUI canoe-racing squad held their first annual IUPUI Intercollegiate Canoe Races on the White River near campus. The IUPUI two-person teams faced canoe-ists from Ivy Tech, Indiana Central (now the University of Indianapolis), and Marian College (now Marian University), other Indianapolis colleges.  Butler... Read More
September 22, 1978 On this day, the Honorable Bella Abzug, former U.S. representative from New York, gave a free lecture at 8pm in the IUPUI Lecture Hall. The IUPUI Lectures and Convocations Committee and the IUPUI Center for Women sponsored the event, which was open to the public. Organizers invited all in attendance to a reception held after the... Read More
September 21, 2001 On this day, United States Supreme Court justice Anthony Kennedy was the keynote speaker at the dedication of Lawrence W. Inlow Hall, the new home of the Indiana University School of Law-Indianapolis.In 1970 the School of Law had opened a new building at the southwest corner of Blackford and New York Streets, but by the early 1990s... Read More
September 20, 1996 On this day, a traveling exhibition titled "The Many Realms of King Arthur" opened in University Library. The show, organized by the American Library Association, included manuscripts, paintings, and other materials from Arthurian collections at the Newberry Library in Chicago and the New York Public Library. It also involved a... Read More
IUPUI Photo of the Week: September 16-22, 2018Does this look like a good way to go to class in Cavanaugh Hall? This photo from 1988 shows a cadet of the IUPUI Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) rappelling down the side of Cavanaugh. IUPUI Special Collections and Archives has hundreds of thousands of campus photos. View part of them in our IUPUI... Read More
September 19, 1970 On this day, the Black Student Union of IUPUI met for the first time. The meeting took place in the Union Building roof lounge, a popular gathering spot on the IUPUI campus. The organization quickly became the most important and vocal student organization at IUPUI.The Black State Union (BSU) emerged at a time when African-American... Read More
September 18, 1969 On this day, the Indiana University School of Business launched its first four-year baccalaureate degree program at the Indianapolis campus. For the first time, IUPUI students could complete a B.S. degree in business by taking all their courses in Indianapolis.Previously, most IU programs in Indianapolis (for many years known as IU-... Read More
September 17, 1982 On this day, the IU School of Law-Indianapolis student moot court team and their faculty adviser were honored at the school's Law Alumni Day event for taking first place in the American Bar Association's National Advocacy Competition during the summer. The team competed against a large number of other schools to win first prize.The... Read More
September 16, 1994 On this day, IUPUI administrators held a building preview ceremony for the University Cancer Care Building then under construction. Indiana U.S. representative John T. Myers, credited with securing $10 million in federal funding for the $16 million project, was on hand. Indiana University president Myles Brand, IUPUI chancellor Jerry... Read More

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