On This Day in IUPUI History: September 1, 1971

September 1, 1971

On this day, new IUPUI parking regulations went into effect, including updated decals and new parking areas on campus.

Parking has always been a debacle at IUPUI. IUPUI started out as a commuter campus. In IUPUI's early days few students resided on campus, and fewer still lived within walking distance. Most IUPUI students, staff, and faculty drove their cars to campus. With the beginning of classes each semester, campus administrators devoted significant attention and resources to managing traffic and finding places for the influx of vehicles. Campus police spent their time ticketing parking violators instead of patrolling campus.

When the university purchased properties and razed neighborhood houses to create the IUPUI campus, administrators paved or gravelled the vacant lots and made large, expansive parking lots. When filled, the lots created seas of cars that seemingly stretched into infinity. Gradually, the university erected parking garages to accommodate a portion of the vehicles. Administration also encouraged the use of public transport and bicycling to campus. Over the years, as more classroom, laboratory, and other buildings went up and student enrollments increased, renewed pressures on the inventory of parking spaces on campus required new expedients. In 1978 the campus created a Parking Services unit to manage the problem. Parking rates rose, both to fund construction of parking garages and to encourage use of public transport. In 1981, a full-time student paid $12 per semester for surface parking, $48 for garage parking.   

Parking problems have been perennial throughout IUPUI's first fifty years. Numerous articles and editorials complaining about parking woes appeared in student newspapers.

Campus police officer ticketing parking violator, nd UA24-005141s

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