On This Day in IUPUI History: October 6, 1988

October 6, 1988 

On this day, Anthony Hazlitt Heard, the longest-serving editor of any major South African newspaper, gave a public lecture sponsored by the Office of International Programs. The lecture occurred in the Business/SPEA building.

Heard edited the Cape Times, a leading antiapartheid newspaper in Cape Town, South Africa. As a reporter and editor, he challenged the apartheid policies and practices in an increasingly repressive white-minority government. After publishing an interview with Oliver Tambo, the leader of the African National Congress (ANC) in violation of a government order banning the press from quoting him, Heard was fired from his editorial post. He later wrote a book on South African affairs titled, The Cape of Storms: A Personal History of the Crisis in South Africa

Heard's visit to IUPUI occurred in a period when many students participated in protests against the racist and repressive South African regime. Students were also alive to United States foreign-policy actions around the world.

The Office of International Affairs was created in January 1989 from the preexisting Office of International Programs and the International Student Services Office. Its mission was to provide services to IUPUI faculty, staff, and students seeking to study abroad. It also facilitated visits to campus by international scholars and students, and forged partnerships with universities around the globe.

International Students outside Cavanaugh Hall, 1985 785-2229-032 

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