On This Day in IUPUI History: November 29, 1990

November 29, 1990. 

On this day, Chancellor Gerald L. Bepko hosted a reception to honor Alvin S. Bynum on the occasion of his retirement from IUPUI. The reception was held at the University Place Hotel (now The Tower dormitory). Those assembled recognized Bynum's nearly forty years of service to education. When he retired, Bynum was dean of University Division, the unit that served IUPUI's entering students (Later, it became the Undergraduate Education Center, and later still University College). He also served as an adjunct professor of sociology in the School of Liberal Arts. 

Bynum, a graduate of Dillard and Butler Universities, had previously written a book to guide white university counselors in acquiring the skills to earn the trust of African-American students. In a interview in the Indianapolis Star, he noted that "Counselling is a process in the development of relationships. If there is a gap between the counselor and the students, the counselor can't give them the confidence to believe him."

Alvin S. Bynum, 1988 188-3119-001

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