On This Day in IUPUI History: July 8, 1991

IUPUI Metros player Vern Trabue instructing fourth grader, ca. 1991 UA24-007447

JULY 8, 1991 

On this day, Purdue University-West Lafayette men’s basketball coach Gene Keady was a featured speaker at the “Youth and Coaches Basketball Clinic” held at IUPUI. The clinic sought tomerg[e] academic and athletic themes, helping high school basketball stars prepare themselves for the demands of being a college student-athlete.” Keady spoke at the close of the five-day clinic. 

Keady served as head coach at Purdue for 25 years and became the school's winningest coach. Under his tutelage, Purdue won six Big Ten conference titles, including three straight wins in 1994-1996. 

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