On This Day in IUPUI History: July 21, 2000

July 21, 2000

On this day, Indiana Governor Frank O'Bannon selected Professor Stephen J. Jay, IU School of Medicine, and Professor Arden G. Christen,  IU School of Dentistry, both IUPUI smoking cessation experts, to study the impact of tobacco use and reduce smoking among Indiana citizens. The governor made the appointments after the Indiana General Assembly earlier that year passed a law creating the Indiana Tobacco Prevention and Cessation (ITPC) agency to deal with the state's outsized tobacco-addiction problem, which killed thousands of residents yearly. ITPC worked to achieve "evidence-based interventions" to help people to quit smoking. In the ten years of the agency's existence, smoking among Indiana adults declined by 23 percent.

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To learn more about IUPUI's extensive efforts to reduce smoking and promote people's health, contact IUPUI Special Collections and Archives speccoll@iupui.edu.

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