On This Day in IUPUI History: July 16, 1971

July 16, 1971

On this day, a group of IUPUI students, faculty, and administrators met to draft a plan for a single student publication. An observer deemed the event a "major step toward making IPI [what many called IUPUI in its early days] a completely unified university."

Prior to the IUPUI merger, the different Indiana University and Purdue University campuses in Indianapolis each featured its own student newspaper. The Purdue University-Indianapolis Extension campus on 38th Street had The Component (a take-off of the West Lafayette student newspaper, The Exponent). Students of Indiana University in Indianapolis had published several student papers through the years, including The Capitol Student and The Indianapolis Student, along with student newsletters like The Peace Reporter. After the merger, downtown-campus IUPUI students published the ingeniously titled Onomatopoeia.

IUPUI Archives staff show off IUPUI student newspapers, 1976 UA24-006860 

The plan for a single student publication resulted in The Sagamore, a newspaper that ran from 1971 to its demise in 2009.  Starting out a weekly, The Sagamore periodically published three times a week during the school year and featured lively editorials, reporting, and original art. For one year in the 2000s, the newspaper ran an original sex column. The comic strip "Doonesbury" ran in The Sagamore long before the Indianapolis Star was bold enough to publish it. Today, student journalists publish The Campus Citizen online.

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