On This Day in IUPUI History: January 9, 1978

January 9, 1978. 

On this day, the Sagamore, the student newspaper at IUPUI, took stock of the progress the university had made since the 1969 merger of the Indianapolis extensions of Indiana University and Purdue University. In an editorial titled, "IUPUI is Growing Up," newspaper writers assessed that IUPUI had grown in many ways. New programs of study, new curricula and services abounded. "The Sagamore is published twice a week now. We even have our own men's and women's basketball teams." Campus administrators had reduced the number of IUPUI locations around the city from seven to five, and work continued. To connect the 38th Street Campus with downtown, a new shuttle-bus service between Cavanaugh Hall and the Krannert Building was starting. Editors concluded that campus growth "enabled many to attend an institution of higher learning and earn a degree without leaving the big city;" IUPUI had been important to the development of Indianapolis.

In the coming years, editors of the student newspaper continued to criticize university leadership when things didn't meet with their approval. But they applauded good moves that expanded educational opportunities and deepened the learning experience for students and community members.

Sagamore editorial, 1978

To read more of the Sagamore, you can find much of it online or all of it in the Archives reading room in the basement of University Library. Contact IUPUI Special Collections and Archives at speccoll@iupui.edu

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