On This Day in IUPUI History: January 3, 1977

January 3, 1977. 

On this day, the IUPUI School of Liberal Arts announced a new interdisciplinary minor in International Studies. Political Science Department chairperson Dr. Richard A. Fredland noted that the minor would afford students the opportunity to study different cultures and across different disciplines without making the commitment of earning credits for a major course of study. He added that the interdisciplinarity of the program would be attractive to students. The "core" course that all students pursuing the International Studies minor would need to take was Y219, "Introduction to World Politics."

In the coming years, a wide swath of Liberal Arts courses from many disciplines applied to the International Studies minor. After a History Department course on U.S. Diplomatic History, a student could dip her toes into Marxist Theory in the Political Science Department, and follow it up with a dive into Comparative Religious Ethics in the Religious Studies Department. In time, a certificate program in International Studies emerged to further enrich international offerings.

Indianapolis mayor William Hudnut speaking at political science conference, 1983 383-1601-049

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