On This Day in IUPUI History: January 10, 1971

January 10, 1971. 

On this day, the first issue of the Green Sheet, a new IUPUI newsletter, appeared. The Green Sheet was a simple but informative 8.5 by 11 inch newsletter put out by the IUPUI News Bureau that replaced the News Calendar, a newsletter that circulated in the Indiana University Medical Center. The News Calendar appeared on green paper. As the first issue of the Green Sheet explained, "No one ever called it 'News Calendar.' It was always the 'Green Sheet,' in all ways but the name." The new publication would continue to be printed on green paper, but its scope expanded to cover activities from all of IUPUI. Circulation started out at eighteen-hundred copies in an effort to inform all staff and faculty. The typical issue was ten to twelve pages of single-spaced typescript.

The Green Sheet's tone could be quirky at times, with little inside jokes appearing in pieces. It announced campus events such as lectures, symposia, and concerts. It introduced new degree programs. It informed everyone of awards won by faculty members. It alerted people to deals to be had at the campus credit union. It even ran ads to sell used cars. The first issue of the Green Sheet informed the campus community that Chancellor Maynard K. Hine was "at home recuperating from surgery and expects to resume activities at his office within a week."

The Green Sheet continued until 1993, when it was replaced by Campuscape. The latter publication was less informal and more slick in its appearance and flavor. Gone were the announcements of houses for rent. In their stead were stories on recent research discoveries and medical advances illustrated with full-color photos. Campuscape continued in print form until 2004, when IUPUI Communications and Marketing (later folded into IU Communications) took all internal news online. Today we are kept informed of campus events by Inside IUPUI and JagNews

Researchers can find complete runs of the Green Sheet, Campuscape, News Bureau press releases, and other university marketing copy in the Archives.

Green Sheets

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