On This Day in IUPUI History: August 28, 1979

August 28, 1979 

On this day, US president Jimmy Carter named Leonard Schneiderman, dean of the IU School of Social Work, to the President's Advisory Council on Adult Education. 

Dr. Schneiderman, who became dean of the School of Social Work in June 1977, issued a statement laying out his views: "The notion of education as preparation for life has already been substantially replaced by the reality of education as a way of life...For a variety of complex reasons, education will become an increasingly important part of the average adult's total life experience. The urban public university must become a major educational center responsive to the need for lifelong education."

Before coming to IUPUI, Schneiderman taught at the Ohio State University School of Social Work. He brought extensive research and teaching experience to his new appointment. He set a number of goals for his tenure as dean, including establishing a doctoral program in the school. He resigned his position in 1982.

Groundbreaking for Education/Social Work Building, 1980: L to R: Richard P. Gousha; Leonard Schneiderman, P. Nicholas Kellum 380-0885-018 

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