On This Day in IUPUI History: August 25, 1975

August 25, 1975

On this day, the IUPUI Pep Band met for the first time in Cavanaugh Hall.

With the development of intercollegiate sports at IUPUI in the early 1970s came the need to rally team followers and supporters. The Pep Band arose to instill team and school spirit at sports events. A group of volunteer students, Pep Band players accompanied IUPUI basketball and other "Metros" teams to "home" games in a period when IUPUI had no home facilities. The Band performed in borrowed college and high-school gyms around Indianapolis, as well as in the State Fairgrounds Coliseum and Market Square Arena. Moreover, for several years the Pep Band did not have an official school fight song to play. "Let's Go, Jags" from 1998 became the official fight song for the newly-renamed sports teams.

IUPUI Pep Band playing at the State Fairgrounds Coliseum 1977 1177-0368-026 

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