On This Day in IUPUI History: August 19, 1972

August 19, 1972

On this day, the IU Board of Trustees named Elizabeth Grossman as the dean-designate of the IU School of Nursing, headquartered on the IUPUI campus.

Professor Grossman had served with distinction on the faculty of the School of Nursing since 1959. During that time, she had worked closely with her predecessor, Dean Emily Holmquist, to transform the former IU Training School for Nurses into a full-fledged IU school, increasing faculty numbers and student enrollments, and broadening offerings. At the time of the announcement of Grossman's appointment, construction had commenced on a new building for the school but was not yet completed. One of her early big tasks was to help Holmquist, who stepped down as dean in 1973, to move the school into the new facility. Grossman went on to further strengthen the School of Nursing during her fifteen-year tenure by developing the school's first doctoral program and instituting nursing programs on all IU campuses around Indiana.

Dean Elizabeth Grossman of School of Nursing UA24-004830

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