On This Day in IUPUI History: August 17, 1971

August 17, 1971

On this day, Dr. William A. Nevill was named acting dean of IUPUI's 38th Street campus. A press release billed the appointment "as one of a series of key administrative changes which will have a bearing on IUPUI's future."

Nevill, an organic chemist, first came to the Purdue University-Indianapolis Extension campus on 38th Street in 1967. With the IUPUI merger, planning efforts began to blend IU and Purdue academic programs. Nevill's administrative appointment was a move to reorganize the engineering, technology, and science programs located opposite the State Fairgrounds and move them to IUPUI's growing downtown campus on West Michigan Street. Nevill also worked to sort departments into the new IUPUI Schools of Liberal Arts and Science, which were created in 1972. Neville became the School of Science's first dean, a position he held until 1979. At that time, the university appointed him director of graduate studies at IUPUI and associate dean of the IU Graduate School. Nevill left IUPUI in 1983 to take a top position in a Louisiana university.

William A. Nevill, 1982 682-1423-002

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