Third Floor

Third Floor Photos

Artist rendering of alterations to the third and fourth floors, following renovation.
Student employees moved the print collection so that bookstacks could be removed for renovation space.
Empty bookstacks, to be removed in preparation for renovation.
Empty bookstacks, to be removed in preparation for renovation.
The regions highlighted red represent areas of the third floor that will be renovated.
Photos thanks to Becki Myers. Renderings thanks to Lohr Design.

This is known as the quiet floor, where students come for individual or paired studying. It is the largest quiet study space on the IUPUI campus. There are approximately 323 seats on this floor, not including study rooms. The main seating on this floor is computer workstations and individual carrels.

The proposed changes to the third floor address the major concerns and improves function of the floor as a quiet space. The changes include:

  • Additional study carrels for both individuals and small groups
  • New small work tables for co-study
  • New communal work tables
  • New lighting along the perimeter of the floor
  • Two new feature atrium study spaces with controlled acoustics

This plan will increase the number of seats on this floor by 195. It will also increase the number of power outlets to 232.

Our research shows students use the computer workstations and individual study carrels heavily. Often students use their own devices (laptops, tablets, etc.) in addition to or instead of library computers at the workstations. Students reported that noise control on this floor is a significant concern, as it is located between two louder floors. The usage of this floor peaks high during the day, but erodes in the evening. Students report dark lighting as a concern for studying on this floor after dark. Further, students consistently report a need for more power outlets on this floor.

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