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On Demand Frequently Asked Questions

General On Demand FAQs

Can Medicine, Dentistry, or Law students, faculty, and staff use the on Demand services?

At this time, on Demand services can only be used for users of IUPUI University Library and the Herron Art Library. Medicine, Dentistry, or Law students, faculty, and staff cannot should not submit requests.

Is there a limit to the number of items I can request through the on Demand services?

There is no limit to the number of books or films an individual can request. There is currently a limit of 5 articles a person can request in an 8-hour time period.

My request was denied. Why did that happen?

The On Demand services are currently only available to IUPUI students, faculty, and staff. Requests by non-IUPUI users are denied.

Articles On Demand FAQs

What journal titles are available through Articles on Demand?

Articles on Demand currently provides access to a select set of journals to which the library does not subscribe. A complete list of titles is available at https://ill.ulib.iupui.edu/ILLiad/IUP/AoDTitleList.pdf.

How were the available journal titles chosen?

While journal availability was initially limited to titles for which University Library cancelled subscriptions from which articles were frequently requested through interlibrary loan, University Library expanded the pool in 2018 to include any available title to which the Library had no other means of access. This brought the total number of titles available to 4,248.

Are there any limits on how many articles I can purchase?

There is currently a limit of 5 articles in an 8 hour time period per user. A user is also unable to purchase the same article again within a 48 hour time period.

How much does Articles on Demand cost the Library?

The Library pays between $19 - $64 for the cost of an individual article through this service. Even at that cost, it is frequently more cost effective for the Library to purchase individual articles rather than subscribe to the journal.

I received a message saying that the article I attempted to purchase is not available. What does this mean?

Articles on Demand purchases are made through the Copyright Clearance Center’s Get It Now service. This message means that the Copyright Clearance Center has determined that the article is not available for purchase despite being from a participating publisher. You can still obtain this article by placing an interlibrary loan request at https://ill.ulib.iupui.edu/ILLiad/IUP/logon.html.

Books On Demand FAQs

Do I get to keep books requested through Books on Demand forever?

Unfortunately, no. Books requested through Books on Demand will be loaned for the standard loan period.

Can I request my textbooks through Books on Demand?

Unfortunately, no. Any requests of textbooks will be denied.

Films On Demand FAQs

Can I show streaming films in class or at a event?

Yes! The streaming films purchased through Kanopy are purchased with public performance rights.

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