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My First Blog Post!

As an IUPUI librarian with the Center for Digital Scholarship, this is my first blog post. I come to IUPUI from Loyola University Chicago where I just earned a MA degree in Digital Humanities. My research interests include copyright and information policies, digital literacy, digital humanities, African American history and late 19th century American history.  I am really excited to get to know IUPUI and take full advantage all that Indianapolis has to offer!

Recently I have been thinking about how the educational theory of threshold concepts can be applied to digital humanities projects. As Digital Humanities develops as a field and further defines itself, we have seen a shift from digital humanities projects that are simply digital "archives" or “libraries.” More and more digital humanities projects are becoming digital tools for researchers and students or education tools that seek to provide further information and context on a topic. These digital educational tools have been labeled “knowledge sites” by textual scholar, Peter L. Shillingsburg in his book, From Gutenberg to Google. My blog posts over the next couple months will be exploring the application of the criteria of threshold concepts to digital humanities projects. I hope to include discussions of articles and digital humanities projects that I find interesting and that inspire me to develop and create innovative digital projects for the academic community at IUPUI and beyond. Stay tuned! 


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Updated Aug 29, 2014 by Digital Humanities Librarian