Our New Look!

We at University Library are proud to present a new improvement to your experience using our website - a brand new Dark Mode!

Dark Mode (also called Night Mode, Light-Out, or Black Mode) is a way to view content on your devices that inverts the normal color screen. The background is dark and the content you read is light, as opposed to the normal dark-on-light that is the default for websites.

Dark Mode can be easier on the eyes, make your experience working in darker environments easier, and can help eye strain. It looks pretty snazzy too.

This is an option with the library website and we will continue to maintain the light mode of the website and the dark mode both as we continue to improve our services.

To take advantage of this change, you’ll need to configure your device or browser to automatically shift to dark mode. If you’re unsure how to do so, see the following videos, based on your device

We will be working on a feature to allow you to switch just for the library website going forward. 

Currently the dark mode is limited to our LibGuides and University Library website, but you can be sure that more of our tools will come with the dark mode option in the future!