Open Access Week 2015

Open Access Week is an annual event to bring awareness to the benefits of open acess in scholarly communication and highlights efforts that provide open access to information. OA Week is celebrated internationaly and is community-driven. The week celebrates Open Access, Open Source, Open Government, and Open Educational Resources. Every year a theme is chosen for OA Week. The theme for Open Access Week 2015 is "Open for Collaboration." Nick Shockey, the Director of Programs and Engagement at the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC), says that "collaboration both inspires and advances the Open Access movement." 

University Library and the Center for Digital Scholarship are committed to the values of Open Access and open collaboration. We support open access through several different avenues including: the open institutional repository, ScholarWorks; open data repository, DataWorks; the Open Access Journals at IUPUI, the Open Journals System we host and maintain; and the open Digital Collections, which provides access to primary sources. The IUPUI community demonstrated their committment to Open Access when the IUPUI Faculty Council passed an Open Access Policy, to be implemented by the University Library and the Center for Digital Scholarship. The policy mandates that IUPUI faculty deposit their scholarly output in Scholarworks to ensure collaboration, sharing, and Open Access. Below we have provided details on how Open Access has affected and benefited the campus. 

Sarath Janga Sarath Janga
Connor Norwood Connor Norwood
Shariq SiddiquiShariq Siddiqui
Lydia Spotts Lydia Spotts
Bob White Bob White
Stephan Viehweg Stephan Viehweg

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