Make your work count

Make your work count. Increase your impact.

The Center for Digital Scholarship supports faculty advancement by providing individual consultations or workshops on maintaining an online profile, disseminating your scholarship, gathering evidence including citation and altmetrics, and using evidence responsibly to make your case.

  •    Manage your digital identity
  •    Share freely
  •    Gather evidence
  •    Tell your story

Contact us at or 317-278-7125.

Manage your digital identity

Build a complete online portfolio. Claim your scholarship. Expand your reputation beyond a few publications. Products such as data, digital projects, teaching and learning materials, white papers, creative works, and many others are valuable evidence of your work as a scholar.

Ready to get started? Ask us how we can:


    Google Scholar Profile
    A professional website (e.g., Wordpress, Github pages, Reclaimhosting, etc.)

Share Freely
First Steps
    Put it online
    Make it easy to find
    Make it open to anyone
    Connect it to your profile

    IUPUI ScholarWorks
    IUPUI DataWorks
    Open Journal System

Gather Evidence

Gather a evidence to demonstrate that people are reading, engaging, and using your work. This evidence can include traditional citation metrics, web metrics for downloads and views, and altmetrics to capture engagement with your work or particular audiences.


Tell your story

Begin with your story, then back it up with a range of evidence - quantitative and qualitative, citation metrics, web metrics, and altmetrics - to make your case for advancement.

Want help understanding what metrics can be useful in your dossier? We can help you create easy to understand summaries and visualizations with your evidence. Check out the Metrics Toolkit to learn how to use metrics responsibly. Email us to schedule a one-on-one consultation.

More information

Find DIY guides and the entire IUPUI Research Metrics Service team at

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