Digital Scholarship Blog Posts

October 28,2016
In September, Caitlin Pike and I attended the 3rd Annual Conference on Arts & Humanities (ICOAH) where we spoke about IUPUI’s Open Access (OA) Policy. The conference is organized by The International Institute of Knowledge Management (TIIKM), which is based in Sri Lanka, and its academic partners included Concordia University, Montréal,...
Andy Smith
Digital Scholarship Technologies
October 27,2016
The International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF – pronounced “triple-I-F”) has as one of its primary goals to provide scholars and researchers open access to the ever growing collection of digital image repositories around the world.Why? For the most part, today's image repositories are like silos storing images as corn in the corn bin....
Pike, Caitlin Ann
Nursing and Medical Humanities
October 27,2016
IUPUI’s Faculty Council passed an Open Access Policy on October 7th, 2014, just two weeks before I started my position here at University Library. I was hired as a health sciences librarian, and was told when I arrived that the Library wanted to pilot the OA Policy in one of my liaison areas, the School of Nursing.Not having a background...
Jere Odell
Scholarly Communication
October 27,2016
Have you ever wondered if any authors on your campus are choosing open access journals for their articles? Or, if you've seen a few OA journal articles with your faculty members listed as authors, have you wondered how much of the campus article literature is published in OA journals?Sadly, these are not easy questions to answer. The most thorough...
Caitlin Pollock
Digital Humanities
October 26,2016
For my contribution to blog posts for Open Access Week 2016, I wanted to write down some ideas I have had floating in my head in an attempt to better articulate them. In the course of my career in Digital Humanities, one of the largest stumbling blocks to using digital primary source material is finding those materials already processed into...
Heather L. Coates, MLS, MS
Data Management
October 26,2016
The Figshare Report released yesterday The State of Open Data inspired me to reflect on how researchers at IUPUI are sharing their data. Below, I describe three increasingly common scenarios for data sharing, including common considerations - what data, when, how/where, and what permissions.Scenario 1: A political science researcher is...
Sara Lowe
Educational Services
October 26,2016
When I think about Open Access, I think about it in terms of my teaching. As a librarian, teaching Information Literacy (the habits of mind to find, evaluate, and use information effectively and ethically) is a large part of what I, and my colleagues, do during a semester.One aspect of the Association of College & Research Libraries’ “...
Ted Polley, MLIS
Journal publishing
October 25,2016
Open Access Journals at IUPUI announces a brand new journal, Chronicles of Health Impact Assessment (CHIA), which launches today! This peer-reviewed journal is aimed at public health professionals working in the field of Health Impact Assessment (HIA). The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) defines HIA as, a process that helps evaluate the...
Tina Baich
October 25,2016
IUPUI University Library formally operationalized the use of open access in interlibrary loan (ILL) in 2009. Since then, I've written two articles studying borrowing requests received for open access materials and am now collaborating on a larger project with Collette Mak from the University of Notre Dame. All of my research has shown that any...
Eric Snajdr
Scientific data
October 24,2016
Open access in science can mean much more than journal articles.  Take, for example, the Ketterson lab, Department of Biology, Indiana University, Bloomington.  In the course of their over 30-year study on songbird biology the group has published over 100 articles.  In addition to the published record of their research, they had...