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Digital Scholarship Blog Posts

Jere Odell
Scholarly Communication
June 15,2017
Have you ever posted a published journal article to a lab website, ResearchGate, or If so, there's a chance that you'll be receiving a copyright takedown notice in the future. Most subscription journals require authors to sign exclusive rights over to the publisher; so, even if you're the author and the publisher didn't pay you to...
Kristi Palmer
Library Administration
February 24,2017
Here the Center writes renku, person by person don't over think it Partner by Partner Collections are created Open to the world Scholarship online build collections...connections iupui Access to culture Sharing of experience Creates connection Metadata good Easy access to items digitize your stuff! Connecting people to new discovery...
Heather L. Coates
Data Management & Sharing, Research Metrics, Open Research
October 26,2016
The Figshare Report released yesterday The State of Open Data inspired me to reflect on how researchers at IUPUI are sharing their data. Below, I describe three increasingly common scenarios for data sharing, including common considerations - what data, when, how/where, and what permissions.Scenario 1: A political science researcher is...
Heather L. Coates
Data Management & Sharing, Research Metrics, Open Research
September 9,2016
The National Institutes of Health (NIH) launched their Big Data to Knowledge (BD2K) initiative in 2012. This fall, the BD2K Training Coordinating Center is offering a free weekly webinar series on Fridays at 12:00 ET. The first lecture "Introduction to Big Data and the Data Life Cycle" will be given by Mark Musen, Professor of Biomedical...
Ted Polley, MLIS
Journal publishing
March 4,2016
Making maps in R is something that I have been curious about for some time. If you ask a geographer, R probably isn’t at the top of their list for creating maps. Dedicated GIS programs, such as ArcGIS, are most certainly a better choice if your sole interest is in visualizing geographic data. However, creating maps in R has some distinct...
Heather L. Coates
Data Management & Sharing, Research Metrics, Open Research
January 27,2016
Love Your Data week is almost here! LYD16 is a week devoted to helping students take better care of their research data, whether it takes the form of photos, numbers, text, videos, code, or social media interactions. Students and librarians from more than 20 colleges and universities will participate by sharing their horror and success stories,...