• Winning Entry:  “How did you know that my barber was a fan of the Munchkins in the original Wizard of Oz?” - John Hazer

  • Winning Entry:  “In its day, the Nurses Anti-Necking League thwarted many a lonely resident.” - Robert Aull

  • Winning Entry:

    "I got into Duke."
    "I got into Yale!"
    "I got into Harvard!!"
    "Who cares- I got into Hogwarts!!!!"

    -Sarah Michelle Bahr

  • Winning Entry: “THE RED GARERTRERs… I mean the Red Garters are number thumb.” - Aaron Mark Davis

  • Winning Entry: “So this is what they mean by ‘the tipping point.’" - Tessa Culleton

  • Winning Entry:  “Ursus versus nurses.” -Eric Drongowski

  • Winning Entry: “His soundtrack?  "All my friends know the Low Rider...Low Rider is a little higher" ("Low Rider" by War, 1975--you can hear it on Youtube).” - John Eiszner

  • Winning Entry:  “Don’t get too close, guys.  Look what that thing did to my sideburns.” - Jim Oppold

  • Winning Entry: “We'll call it, ‘Pushing for Paydar.’ The chancellor will sit in the swing and for a dollar, you can push him while making your donation to the student scholarship fund. People will LOVE it!” - Karen Lee

  • Winning Entry: - “Balloon animals ARE NOT to be used as floatation devices!” - Julia Daley-Backus

  • Winning Entry: "A young Mick Jagger is recognized by fans while doing court-ordered community service work for always complaining about getting no satisfaction." - John Hazer

  • Winning Entry: “The kids were not exactly happy about Accordion Afternoon, but they were happier with them than there were with Bagpipe Breakfast.” - Shanna Reis