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Technology Available

University Library is proud to announce our new The 2120 Learning Lab, with cutting-edge technology space developed to complement the research and scholarly work of IUPUI students, faculty and staff.

To facilitate the library's information literacy program, which engages thousants of students across all disciplines every year at IUPUI, the University Library has created a one-of-kind new classroom that will empower students with the best equipment and environment possible for exploring new technology and electronic resources.

Equipment in the room includes:

  • 40 desktop workstations.
  • 2 digital projectors
  • plus additional audio-visual equipment for multimedia presentations

The work tables within the room are completetly detachable and mobile, allowing for group work as well as lectures. When the room is not in use for a class

Room Layout
(+) Large class room with high ceiling. (+) Flexiable seating arrangement.
(+) All-In-One computers. (+) Each computer has VGA and audio output.
Video System
(6) Samsung 46" LCD Panel screen displays. (2) Mitsubishi data projectors.
(2) Da-Lite fixed 164" projection screens. (1) Elmo document camera on instructors lectern.
(8) JBL 8 ohm, 6 1/2" ceiling mounted speakers. (1) Shure lavaliere wireless system
(1) Biamp 70 Volt Audio amplifier. (2) Shure handheld wireless systems
(1) Extron digital audio processor - Mixer  
(1) Crestron Isys 10.4" tilt touchpanel (6) Crestron 4 button wall mounted keypads

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