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Digital Collections on the Go

Most of the library's digital collections are now available on our mobile website ( ).  Specially designed for mobile devices, check out recently added items, explore the collections randomly to find something new and interesting, or browse to your favorite collection.  Give it a try today!

Mobile Digital Collection Browser

Most of the library's digital collections are now available on the library's mobile website ( m.ulib.iupui.ed ).  Specially desinged for mobile device, check out recently added items, explore the collections radnomly to find something new and interesteing, or browse to you favorite collection.  Give it a try today!
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New Library Lab Supports Student Success and Life-Long Learning

In information literacy classes, taught by the librarians at IUPUI, college students learn critical thinking and research skills that are vitally important to both their academic and professional careers.

INDIANPOLIS―IUPUI University Library announces the launch of its new 2120 Learning Lab, an innovative new instructional space designed especially for library classes. In cooperation with other faculty from various schools across campus, like the School of Public and Environmental Affairs and the Kelley School of Business, IUPUI librarians teach students how to effectively target and evaluate electronic information, as well as how to use it responsibly. The work they do in the new learning lab will enable students to better:

• Organize and conduct results oriented research

• Assess needed information effectively and efficiently

• Evaluate information and its sources

Library classes include students from all levels at IUPUI, but focus in particular on incoming freshmen, teaching core skills that will help them complete a degree at IUPUI and equip them for a career in the 21st Century workplace.

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IUPUI 2013 Photo Calendar Caption Contest

Caption Contest

Check it out here:

Simply log in using your CAS identity and post captions to your heart’s content for some of the silly and odd photos in IUPUI Archives’ holdings.  You can also vote for captions others have posted.  At the end of each month sage and sober Special Collections and Archives judges will select a winner to receive FABULOUS PRIZES!

A new photo and caption contest will appear at the beginning of each month. 

Everyone’s a winner! 

So post your captions early and often!!

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International Newsroom @ University Library

News broadcasts from around the world!

Visit the International Newsroom in UL 2135 (2nd floor reference room) and view news and other programming available on our six flat-screen TVs:

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Awards and Scholarships @UL

Check to see if you are eligible for any of these opportunities at University Library. If so, please apply!

  • Student Employee Scholarship
    University Library is awarding four $250 scholarships, in the form of fee remission, to student employees of University and Herron Libraries. 
  • Undergraduate Diversity Scholar Program
    All full-time IUPUI undergraduates interested in increasing diversity and promoting multicultural awareness at University Library are eligible to apply to become the Diversity Scholar.
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