IUPUI University Library Diversity Council Charter

Prepared by the
IUPUI University Library
Diversity Council

Based on Yale University Library’s Diversity Strategic Plan 2006-2008
Updated June 4, 2010

Table of Contents:
1. Purpose and Vision
2. Charter and Structure 

IUPUI University Library
Diversity Strategic Plan
2010 - 2011

Purpose and Vision

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Diversity Council

The University Library Diversity Council was formed to enhance the diversity and cultural competence of our employees as well as to create an atmosphere that is supportive of diverse populations and scholarly activity reflecting diverse populations.

 iupui diversity blog

The IUPUI Diversity Hotspot, a blog designed by Diversity Scholar Sylvia Burlock, promoted the 2012-2013 Diversity Film Festival, advertised cultural events on campus, and highlighted diversity at IUPUI.

A Film Series

A Film Series Project was developed in 2010 by the IUPUI University Library Diversity Council, in junction with the University Library Diversity Scholar program created in 2007. The Film Series is a continuing production discussing diversity through film, lecture, and contemporary media. To learn more about this series and future screenings, please click on the following link:

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