University Library Software Request Form

This form is designed for requesting software to be added to University Library public computers. All requests must be made 3 months prior to Academic Session selected below.

All Computer Classroom Software Requests must be requested 2 weeks before the schedule class for proper installation and testing.

Please fill out all Mandatory questions below. To preview our current software configurations, please select the URLs below.

Click Here: UL0106 and UL1130 Computer Classroom Software.

Click Here: Windows Public Computer Software

Click Here: Macintosh Public Computer Software

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UL Room Reservations

University Library Room Reservation Systems is managed by the Client Support Team and is comprised of Event Coordinators who assist with room reservation requests and planning events. Listed below this page are Room Policies for UL Event Management space. We ask that Faculty/Staff/Student Organization Representatives carefully review our policies and procedures for the rooms. Fees may be incurred if policies are violated. 

Overview of Class & Conference rooms


UL Event Management Office Hours   

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Technology Instructional Information

Please select any of the following links below to find technology instruction on configuring applications. As technology instruction becomes available, it will be added here.

Any questions about direct links to the Indiana University Knowledge Base articles must be directed to the UITS Support Center


How Engineering Students connect to the CNC 24-Hour Remote Server H-Drive (via Mapped Network Drive)

PLEASE NOTE: Look for the FAQ, "How do I access H: drive from outside the CNC?" and follow the directions on any University Library Windows Computer and you'll have full access to the "H Drive". A VPN Connection is not needed if you are connected to any IUPUI campus computer or if your laptop is connected to the IU Secure wireless network.

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University Library/Honors College/Herron Art Library Standard Windows 8.1 Software Listing

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University Library allows students to access software remotely hosted from IUanyWARE. To access the software from a University Library Windows computer, please go to Start, Search and type the name of the software you want. This will give you the software available on both the computer locally and IUanyWARE remotely.

If you do not see the software requested below, please check the UITS Student Technology Center for availability in their labs


The following applications are currently on all UL Public and Honors College Dell computers:

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Technology Maps

2nd Floor Reference Computers

  • Any computers colored in "YELLOW" are only accessible by IUPUI Students, Staff, Faculty. The reasoning behind this is to provide students with computers that allow each to install plug-ins for class material or any particular software designated for a class.
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Chat with a computer consultant

Wireless Signal Strength Maps


Wireless Signal Strength

  Level 4



Wireless Signal Strength

Level 3  




Wireless Signal Strength

Level 2



Wireless Signal Strength

Level 1


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University Library Adaptive Technology

University Library is a proud sponsor of Adaptive Technology with a close-knit relationship with IUPUI Adaptive Educational Services and the AES Learning Center located in UL 3135 H and N. We have 3 pieces of software available on all of our Windows PCs provided to use by the Adaptive Technology Center(ATC). 


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University Library Electronic Fax Service

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  • What is electronic faxing?

    A digital faxing solution that allows patrons to have documents easily scanned and faxed to their recipient in a matter of minutes. 

  • Where do I go to send the fax?

Please go to the 2nd floor Circulation desk to have your fax scanned and sent. 

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Report a UL Computer Problem

Live Computer Help

Get Live Help straight from your desktop.

Phone       317.278.1360



Consultant Desk Hours (Exceptions)

Monday-Thursday 7:30am-Midnight
Friday 7:30am-9pm
Saturday 8am-6pm
Sunday 10am-Midnight


 Summer hours
Monday-Thursday 7:30am-9pm
Friday 7:30am-7pm
Saturday 8am-6pm
Sunday 12pm -6pm


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