Who May Use the Library

Students, Faculty, and Staff of Indiana University should use their campus ID card to borrow books from University Library. IUPUI patrons should visit the Campus Card Services  in CE 0217 to obtain their JagTag.

Residents of the State of Indiana aged 18 years or older can get an IUPUI University Library Borrower's Card by completing an Indiana Resident Library Card Application and User Agreement at the Library and providing a Photo ID and proof of current address. Acceptable forms of Photo ID:

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Borrowing Limits

The Access Services Team Leader may suspend the borrowing privileges of any patron if and when they reach any of the limits listed above or in the table below. This block will prevent that patron from checking out materials from any library in the Indiana University Library system.

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Access Services Team

Circulation/Security Desk

(317) 274-0472

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Borrowing Policies for High School Classes


**Effective July 30, 2012 - High school students visiting University Library with a school group are NOT eligible to obtain a borrower's card or check out materials. For information regarding guest computer passes for your group, please find the information below. For questions, please contact John Cooper.


The IUPUI University Library is open to all residents of the State of Indiana, with borrowing privileges granted to those aged 18 years or more. 


Groups, such as high school classes coming in for a scheduled tour, should contact the John Cooper about setting up Guest Computer Accounts for their participants.

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Martin University Privileges

Borrowing materials from the IUPUI University Library is considered a privilege rather than a right. Lending periods and borrowing privileges vary according to the status of the user, but the use of a valid borrower's card to check out materials implies acceptance by the borrower to abide by the assigned due dates and to return the materials in good order. Failure to meet either condition may result in fines and/or the loss of privileges.

Martin University faculty, staff and students wishing to obtain a borrower's card must complete an Indiana Resident Library Card Application and User Agreement (PDF) and provide their Martin University ID along with proof of current address.

The following table displays the general limits set by the University Library beginning 1/1/2001:

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Individuals with Disabilities, Library Service Policy

The Library provides assistance to persons with permanent or temporary disabilities on an individual basis. Services include but are not limited to: assistance with bibliographic sources; orientation to the Library building; space for studying and taking examinations; access to IUCAT, online resources and the Internet; and the retrieval of materials from our collection.

In order to provide the most appropriate service to meet specific needs, the Library needs to be informed of the nature of the disability and the resulting special need.


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Noise Policy

The IUPUI University Library is committed to providing an environment that is conducive to study as well as welcoming to all users. All library staff and users of the library should respect the rights of others and refrain from making excessive noise while using the University Library.

Quiet Area

The Third Level has been designated as the quiet floor (marked with signage).  In this area normal conversational noise levels are permitted for reference and library service purposes only. Headphones may be used if noise from headphones is not audible to others.
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Food and Drink Policy

Appropriate Use of Public Access Computers


The mission of the IUPUI University Library is:

  • To promote excellence in learning
  • To serve as a gateway to information vital for research and scholarship
  • To create unique scholarly resources with an emphasis on philanthropic studies and IUPUI generated research, and materials relating to central Indiana
  • To enhance the availability of scholarly information for the residents of central Indiana

The growing importance of computers and access to computers within all aspects of academic research makes guidelines in their appropriate use necessary.


The IUPUI Library follows the Indiana University Appropriate Technology Use Policies. These policies provide guidance in all aspects of appropriate use and are under regular review and revision. The IUPUI University Library is also guided by two other policies specific to libraries and their unique role in the information environment:

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