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The German-American Collections include the records of national and local immigrant organizations, as well as the papers of local families. Particularly significant are the national and local records of the North American Turners, a social organization of German origin whose focus is physical fitness and sports and the propagation of German culture.

Accession A90-12
Collection Mss 075

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Historical Note

Otto Stark (1859-1926) was an Indianapolis-born artist who gained national prominence as a member of the "Hoosier Group," a loose association of Indiana artists that included T. C. Steele, J. Ottis Adams, and William Forsyth. Stark's work most clearly showed the influence of Impressionism, and he often featured children in his work.

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Collection Mss 074

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Collection Mss 061 Gift of the Indianapolis South Side Turners, 10/15/91

Historical Note

Turner organizations in America were first formed by German immigrants in 1848. These groups were based upon the political, cultural, and athletic Turner societies which had existed in Germany since the Napoleanic Wars. The first Turner society in Indianapolis, Indiana was the Socialister Turnerbund formed in 1850. When plans for establishing a branch of the Socialer Turnverein on the south side of the city progressed too slowly, south side residents created their own organization. The Southside Turnverein was founded 24 September 1893. The group flourished and in 1900 the South Side Turnverein built a hall complete with a gymansium and meeting rooms at 306 Prospect Street. This hall served the Indianapolis south side community for over 75 years until its sale in 1977. Although the organization relocated, the South Side Turners remain active in 1994.

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Collection Mss 72

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Historical Note

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