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The School of Liberal Arts was created in 1972, combining the arts, humanities, and most of the social science departments of the Indiana University-Indianapolis Downtown Campus and Purdue University-Indianapolis Extension campus.

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IUPUI University Archives Contacts

Stephen E. Towne
Assistant University Archivist
IUPUI University Library
Special Collections and Archives
UL 0117A
755 West Michigan Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202
(317) 278-3445
(317) 274-0464


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The IUPUI University Library grew out of the libraries of Indiana University-Indianapolis, the School of Social Work, and Purdue University-Indianapolis Extension. In 1974 the director of University Library became the chief administrator of the 38th Street Campus Library (originally the library of the Purdue University-Indianapolis Extension), the School of Physical Education Library, and the Herron School of Art Library. The Physical Education Library was merged into University Library during the 1982-1983 school year, and the staff and materials from the 38th Street Campus Library moved into the new University Library building in 1993. The Herron library remains housed in the art school.

Records include correspondence, reports, minutes, publications, and other materials.


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Explanation of Transmittal/Inventory Form

Transferring Office Information
The department/office name including the name of person, address and phone number for person responsible for the records. This person will be contacted if further information about the records is needed for a complete and informed evaluation of the records.
Records Information
Title of records:
Title by which this group of records is commonly known.

Policy and Procedures for Transfer of University Records

  1. Notify the Archives Staff at (317) 274-0464 before sending the records to the University Archives. In the event of a large volume of records to be transferred, the Archives Staff will examine the records onsite and prepare the records for shipment.
  2. A completed transmittal/inventory form (pdf file) must accompany the records to assist the Archives Staff in identifying the records.

Basic Transfer Principles to the IUPUI University Archives