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November 3, 1975. On this day, the IUPUI Student Association sponsored a Women's Day Conference. Its stated purpose was to alert women in Indianapolis to "what is going on" and "what other women are doing." A wide range of speakers presented at the conference, from a local women's clinic director who addressed birth-control matters to a personnel... Read More
November 2, 1979. On this day, IUPUI student government vice president John Emley reported to the Indiana University Board of Trustees meeting in Richmond that the Indianapolis News, one of two daily newspapers published in the state capital, had agreed to use "IUPUI" when reporting on the major state university in the city. Until then, the News and... Read More
November 1, 1993. On this day, a study conducted by IUPUI's Center for Urban Policy and the Environment found that IUPUI was Indianapolis's fourth largest employer. Only the federal and state governments and Eli Lilly and Company exceeded the number of people employed by IUPUI. The study noted that IUPUI was a key contributor to the economy of... Read More
Lots of people dress...shall we say...audaciously every day. But Halloween brings out the best. This photo from a Ball Hall Halloween party in 2008 displays a portion of our costumed revelers.Check out our IUPUI Image Collection to find Halloween partiers in days of old. Please contact IUPUI Special Collections and Archives speccoll@iupui.edu for all your... Read More
October 31, 1973 On this day, IUPUI chancellor Glenn W. Irwin, Jr., gave his first major speech to the IUPUI community, his "The State of IUPUI Address." He gave it in Emerson Hall's auditorium. In his speech he outlined much of what would occupy much of his long tenure as chancellor: consolidation of IUPUI downtown.Having served as chancellor only... Read More
October 30, 1988 On this day, surgeons in the Indiana University Medical Center's University Hospital performed the first pancreatic transplant in Indiana. The patient had suffered from diabetes for years and had a successful kidney transplant three months before the pancreatic transplant. The surgery was led by Dr. Mark D. Pescovitz, then an... Read More
October 29, 1970 On this day, groundbreaking ceremonies for the Indiana University School of Nursing building occurred. Included in the festivities was a tree-planting, symbolic of the growth of a nursing program in the university. School of Nursing dean Emily Holmquist and senior student Sarah Reitz together planted a tulip tree--the state tree of... Read More
October 28, 1996 On this day, IUPUI leaders announced the roll out of the IUPUI Office for Women. "The office will serve as a focal point for advancing the academic and professional interests of women at IUPUI," said IUPUI executive vice chancellor and dean of the faculties William M. Plater. The aim was to "improve the overall campus climate for all... Read More
October 27, 1976 On this day, in advance of the presidential election, four student organizations hosted a "Great Debate" forum for supporters of different political groups to air their ideas about the issues of the day. The four student groups were the Young Socialist Alliance, Students for [Jimmy] Carter, the Young Libertarian Alliance, and the IUPUI... Read More
October 26, 1979 On this day, the Kappa chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority on campus held an "All Campus Halloween Dance" in the Union Building cafeteria in conjunction with the Student Activities Board. Halloween dances and events have had a long history at IUPUI. Over the years, students have enjoyed donning costumes and tripping the light... Read More

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