On This Day in IUPUI History: September 9, 1987

September 9, 1987 

On this day, a bizarre prank took place on campus. IUPUI police went to University Library (now Taylor Hall) to investigate complaints regarding a pig's head found in a library elevator. According to The Sagamore, the student newspaper which covered the incident, students had discovered the appendage late in the afternoon and notified the library's circulation desk. Said library director Barbara Fischler: "Nothing like this has ever happened before."

Librarian Steve Schmidt removed the head from the elevator and placed it in a plastic bag before the police arrived. He told the Sagamore reporter that the head was "about the size of a basketball." Schmidt coolly noted that "I've seen pig's heads before because I helped butcher pigs, but that was years ago on my grandfather's farm."

Though a witness reported seeing a woman enter the library holding a box, the police investigation went cold.

Student pranks appear to have been few and far between at IUPUI. This was due perhaps to the commuter nature of the campus, as very few students lived on campus. Furthermore, many students held down jobs when not studying or had family responsibilities, and thus did not have time to waste on plotting silly pranks. Occasionally someone would dump a bottle of dishwashing soap in the Wood fountain, creating a mass of soap bubbles that would spread across the lawn. School of Nursing students, many of whom resided in Ball Residence, dressed up the "Eve" statue in Ball Gardens to humorous effect.  Overall, however, IUPUI students were too hard-working and studious to resort to pranks.

Eve statue in Ball Gardens UA24-004802 

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