On This Day in IUPUI History: October 4, 1982

October 4, 1982 

On this day, IUPUI and Indiana University leaders in full academic regalia, assisted by city dignitaries, dedicated the IU Track and Field Stadium, the adjacent athletic fields, and the IU School of Physical Education and Natatorium Building.

The summer of 1982 saw the completion of the track stadium (now called Michael A. Carroll Stadium) and the Natatorium shortly in advance of major athletic and swimming events (see previous On This Day blog posts for details). The facilities arose as the result of years of close coordination between IUPUI and Indianapolis leaders to position the city as a sporting destination. Events hosted in IUPUI facilities would bring national and international attention to both Indianapolis and IUPUI. As well, the many thousands of visitors to the city to attend sporting competitions at IUPUI would infuse millions of dollars into the local economy.

The foresight of city and campus leaders proved correct. The facilities proved to be fast, making them popular with runners and swimmers. Numerous world-record performances occurred. Thousands of onlookers filled the stands and spent lots of dollars in local hotels and restaurants. Major sporting events brought IUPUI to the world's attention, exemplified by IUPUI hosting many Pan Am Games events in 1987.

Dedication of IUPUI sporting facilities, 1982 1082-1481-048

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