On This Day in IUPUI History: November 28, 1984

November 28, 1984. 

On this day, the University Gay/Lesbian Alliance met in the evening to hear a discussion of "Alcohol and Other Substance Abuse." The group met at the Lambda Center at 3754 North Illinois Street in Indianapolis, miles north of IUPUI's downtown campus, according to a notice in the IUPUI Sagamore, the student newspaper. The notice made clear that the group catered to students of all colleges and universities in the city, and was not specific to IUPUI. While undoubtedly not the first appearance of a notice of a gay or lesbian organization in the pages of the campus paper, heretofore the Sagamore had not taken significant note of gay and lesbian issues.

Gay and lesbian organizations have long existed at IUPUI, but for many years their presence was hidden and their voices muted. In the 1980s, with the appearance of HIV/AIDS, the gay community emerged to take a more prominent role in campus and city life to call for efforts to combat the disease. In the coming years and decades, the Sagamore became an important forum for discussions about the rights of gay, lesbian, and other marginalized groups on campus.

IUPUI at Indy Pride Parade, 2012

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