On This Day in IUPUI History: November 22, 1976

November 22, 1976. 

On this day, the Sagamore, the IUPUI student newspaper, published a two-page spread titled, "IUPUI Financial Aid still in a quagmire." The newspaper reported that hundreds of students expecting financial aid at the start of the fall semester had been disappointed when they learned that IUPUI Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid had run out of money due to overdrafts in the 1975-1976 school year.

The report cited disparities in funding Indiana University campuses as the source of the problem. "Merit funds...are not allocated proportionally throughout the I.U. system. Budgeting is determined by the individual campus administration[s]," it noted. It cited inequality between Bloomington and Indianapolis as the problem. "Using 1973-74 as a base year, for example, the I.U. Bloomington campus has increased its number of merit award recipients by 33 percent in the past two years and has received a 17 percent increase in funding support. On the other hand, IUPUI has had an 80 percent increase in the number of eligible recipients while the appropriation of merit funds actually declined since 1973-74."

The Sagamore touched a nerve among IUPUI students, faculty, and staff at the time: the university did not adequately and fairly fund operations at the Indianapolis campus. The newspaper vented often about perceived injustices in the treatment of the rapidly growing campus.

Sagamore article on disparities in financial aid, 1976

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