On This Day in IUPUI History: November 20, 1992

November 20, 1992. 

On this day, a contingent of NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) officials visited IUPUI laboratories that were doing research relative to the space agency's interests. The visit was part of the agency's "Mission Indianapolis" event, at which astronauts and others met with students at the nearby Crispus Attucks Junior High School. 

NASA administrator Daniel Goldin, appointed to head the federal agency by President George H.W. Bush earlier in 1992, toured campus laboratories in the School of Dentistry as well as in the newly built Science, Engineering, and Technology building that housed labs of both the School of Science and the School of Engineering and Technology. Goldin continued as NASA administrator until November 2001.

Over the years, numerous IUPUI researchers have been awarded grant funds from NASA to study a wide range of topics. Today one such person is Dr. Mohamed Razi Nalim, who formerly worked in a NASA research center before coming to IUPUI to create the Combustion and Propulsion Research Laboratory. He currently is associate dean for research and professor of mechanical engineering in the School of Engineering and Technology.

Prof. Nalim

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